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Goliath Giant Barbarian


The Goliath Giant Barbarian is a force of nature, a living avalanche, and a primal warrior whose every step echoes with the power of the mountains.

Did You Know? Goliaths, with their immense size and physical prowess, are often seen as natural-born giants themselves. Goliath Giant Barbarians, however, tap into an even deeper well of primal strength, channeling the essence of the giants themselves to become towering forces of destruction.


  1. Exiled Warrior: Banished from your Goliath tribe for your uncontrollable rage and thirst for battle, you now wander as a lone Giant Barbarian, seeking greater challenges and striving to control the tempest within you.
  2. Giant Slayer’s Oath: Witnessing the devastation wrought by giants on your homeland, you took an oath to become a Giant Barbarian and rid the world of these colossal threats. Each giant you defeat brings you one step closer to fulfilling your vow.
  3. Nomadic Titan: Born to a nomadic tribe of Goliaths, you were chosen by the spirits of the land to become a Giant Barbarian. You travel the wilderness, offering your immense strength to those in need while connecting with the ancient spirits of the earth.
  4. Raging Protector: You were once a peaceful Goliath, but a great injustice ignited a burning fury within you. Now, as a Giant Barbarian, you channel your rage to protect the innocent and stand as a relentless guardian against all threats.

Tips for Players:

  • Embrace the overwhelming physical presence and ferocity of your Goliath Giant Barbarian. Play up the intimidation factor, both in and out of combat, to showcase your larger-than-life character.
  • Prioritize Strength and Constitution for your ability scores to maximize your damage output and resilience. Select the Path of the Berserker archetype for added frenzy in battle.
  • Coordinate with your DM to introduce epic giant adversaries into the campaign, allowing your character to fulfill their destiny and engage in epic confrontations.
  • Emphasize the internal struggle of your character to control their rage and harness it for the greater good, showcasing moments of vulnerability and growth in the midst of the storm.
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