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Earth Genasi Brawler


Born of the primordial forces that shape the earth, the Earth Genasi Brawler strides into battle as an embodiment of stone and strength.

Did You Know? Earth Genasi Brawlers are individuals born with the essence of the earth in their veins, granting them the ability to manipulate stone and rock as well as deliver devastating punches in close combat.


  1. Gladiator Champion: You rose to fame as a gladiator in the arena, where your Earth Genasi strength and resilience made you a formidable contender. After gaining your freedom, you now travel as a Brawler, using your skills to survive.
  2. Elemental Guardian: You were chosen as a guardian of a sacred earth site, where you learned to harness the elemental power of the earth. Now, as an Earth Genasi Brawler, you use your skills to protect these sacred places from desecration.
  3. Wandering Miner: Growing up in a mining community, you developed your strength and earth-shaping abilities while working in the depths of the earth. Your skills as a miner translate into your prowess as a Brawler, as you travel and seek adventure.
  4. Fist of the Earth: You were trained by a reclusive Earth Genasi master who imparted their knowledge of earth manipulation and martial arts. Your journey as a Brawler is a quest to perfect your skills and test your strength.

Tips for Players:

  • Embrace the rugged and elemental nature of your character when playing an Earth Genasi Brawler. Showcase your connection to the earth and your talent for unleashing powerful punches.
  • Customize your Brawler’s abilities and techniques to reflect their earth manipulation powers. Prioritize feats and abilities that enhance your unarmed combat and resilience.
  • Leverage your Earth Genasi racial traits, such as Earth Walk and Earth Glide, to navigate difficult terrain and environments.
  • Collaborate with your DM to incorporate earth-related challenges, elemental guardians, or encounters with earth-based creatures into the campaign, allowing your Earth Genasi Brawler to explore their connection to the earth and demonstrate their formidable combat skills.
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