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Dwarven Grenadier


The Dwarf Grenadier epitomizes the fusion of dwarven resilience and a penchant for fiery innovation, carving a unique niche on the battlefield as a master of explosive ordnance.

Did You Know? Dwarf Grenadiers, with their affinity for crafting and love of controlled chaos, are a distinctive breed among dwarven warriors. In Dungeons and Dragons, these individuals often find themselves drawn to the sciences of alchemy and explosives. The Dwarf Grenadier stands as a testament to the dwarven ingenuity, turning the art of war into a symphony of explosions and calculated destruction.

Background Starters:

  1. Forge-Touched Artificer: Growing up in the heart of dwarven forges, the Grenadier honed his skills as a forge-touched artificer. His journey involves combining traditional dwarven craftsmanship with explosive innovation, creating alchemical marvels that leave even the most skilled engineers in awe.
  2. Guild Explosives Expert: As a member of a dwarven guild specializing in explosive engineering, the Grenadier is an acknowledged expert in his field. His responsibilities range from crafting controlled demolitions for mining operations to providing explosive support in the defense of dwarven strongholds.
  3. Seeker of Ancient Alchemical Secrets: Driven by a thirst for knowledge, the Grenadier embarks on a quest to uncover long-lost dwarven alchemical secrets. His journey takes him through forgotten dwarven laboratories and ancient ruins, where he unearths the blueprints for explosive concoctions with unparalleled destructive potential.
  4. Dwarven Pyrotechnician: Renowned for his dazzling displays of controlled explosions, the Grenadier becomes a dwarven pyrotechnician. His artistry goes beyond the battlefield, as he creates fireworks and explosive spectacles that captivate audiences during festivals and celebrations across the realms.
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