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Clockwork Artificer


This inventive artificer specializes in creating clockwork wonders, from animated constructs to enchanted gadgets. The Clockwork Artificer’s creations range from clockwork familiars to complex devices that defy conventional understanding.

They are a tinkerer of boundless creativity, a master of clockwork ingenuity, and a force that seamlessly blends the arcane with the mechanical.

Did You Know? Clockwork Artificers draw inspiration from the realms of steampunk fantasy, infusing their inventions with a combination of magic and clockwork engineering. In Dungeons and Dragons, they exemplify the fusion of artifice and magic, creating a unique blend of technology and arcane mastery.

Background Starters:

  1. Guild Inventor on a Clockwork Odyssey: As a guild inventor on a clockwork odyssey, the Clockwork Artificer’s journey involves crafting magical automata, navigating technological marvels, and unveiling the mysteries of clockwork technology. Stumble upon a forgotten workshop containing blueprints for a legendary clockwork artifact, propelling the artificer into a quest to recreate the lost masterpiece and secure their place in the annals of invention.
  2. Clockwork Diplomat in Mechanical Diplomacy: Functioning as a clockwork diplomat, their role includes mediating between technological factions, showcasing the benefits of clockwork innovations, and preventing conflicts arising from arcane machinations. Encounter a rival diplomat with a malevolent agenda, urging the Clockwork Artificer to engage in a diplomatic duel of wits and technological prowess to ensure the harmony of clockwork societies.
  3. Rogue Tinkerer in the Underground Inventor’s Guild: As a rogue tinkerer in the underground inventor’s guild, their adventures involve skirting the boundaries of legal invention, repurposing discarded technology, and evading authorities seeking to suppress unconventional creations. Discover a forbidden prototype capable of altering reality, propelling the Clockwork Artificer into a quest to prevent the device from falling into the wrong hands and wreaking havoc on the world.
  4. Aeronautical Engineer of Skyborne Contraptions: Specializing in skyborne contraptions, their mission involves designing flying machines, exploring aerial realms, and pioneering the advancement of aerial technology. Encounter a rival engineer with plans to monopolize the skies, compelling the Clockwork Artificer to embark on a quest to outmaneuver their competitor and maintain the freedom of the skies for all inventors.
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