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Underdark Parasitic Monstrosity


Underdark Parasitic Monstrosities are relentless and uncaring predators. They infest the Underdark’s caves and tunnels, lurking in the darkest corners where the sun’s rays never reach. They are driven by an insatiable hunger for parasitic conquest, seeking out unsuspecting creatures to infect and control as hosts.

Did You Know? These Monstrosities are believed to be the result of a malevolent fusion of abyssal energies with parasitic life forms, creating a monstrous, symbiotic abomination.

[Huge Sized Monster – 75mm Base]

    1. Fungal Affliction:
      • Within the dark depths of the Underdark, a parasitic monstrosity has infested a subterranean city’s fungi farms, causing a devastating outbreak. The city’s survival hangs in the balance as the fungal infection spreads rapidly. The party is tasked with locating the source of this parasitic creature and putting an end to the infestation before it engulfs the entire city in madness and decay.
    2. The Abyssal Incursion:
      • A gateway to the Abyss has opened in a remote Underdark cavern, unleashing the parasitic monstrosity and its offspring. The party is called upon by a council of powerful drow to close the portal and eradicate the infestation. To do so, they must navigate treacherous Abyssal landscapes, face grotesque aberrations, and ultimately confront the entity responsible for the incursion.
    3. The Mysterious Curse:
      • A nearby village on the outskirts of the Underdark is plagued by a mysterious curse. Its residents exhibit erratic behavior, and the land surrounding it withers and rots. The party’s investigation leads them to a parasitic monstrosity lurking beneath the village. To lift the curse, they must delve deep underground, confront the creature, and decipher the dark magic that binds it to the land.
    4. Drow’s Desperate Bargain:
      • In a desperate bid to gain power and control, a faction of drow strikes a dangerous deal with the parasitic monstrosity. They offer sacrifices and resources in exchange for its assistance in a nefarious scheme. The party, acting on behalf of a rival faction or concerned for the stability of the Underdark, must thwart the drow’s plans and prevent the monstrosity from gaining a foothold in their realm.

Victims who fall prey to these abominations may find themselves slowly losing control of their own bodies, becoming unwilling instruments of the parasite’s will.

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