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Turret Mounted Battle Ram


[Huge Sized Miniature – 75mm Base]

The Turret Mounted Battle Ram Miniature represents a massive and fearsome war machine, a mechanical juggernaut designed for the relentless assault and siege of fortified positions. In Dungeons & Dragons, it is known for its towering presence, its devastating ramming capabilities, and its role as an instrument of war and conquest.

Did You Know? The Turret Mounted Battle Ram requires a well-trained operator to work efficiently, with each member responsible for a specific task, from steering to loading and firing.

    1. War Machine Unleashed:
      • In the midst of a brewing conflict between rival nations, a renowned artificer has constructed a fearsome weapon: the Turret Mounted Battle Ram. The party, initially sent to investigate rumors of this war machine’s existence, arrives just in time to witness its devastating power in action. They must decide whether to destroy the war machine to prevent further bloodshed or seize control of it for their own purposes. Their choice will have significant consequences as they navigate the volatile political landscape of the war-torn region.
    2. Sabotage and Saboteurs:
      • A shadowy organization seeks to disrupt the balance of power by sabotaging the Turret Mounted Battle Rams of both warring factions. The party is hired as mercenaries to infiltrate enemy lines, disable their war machines, and extract valuable information about their construction. As they navigate enemy territory, they face intense battles, cunning enemy spies, and the moral dilemma of whether to halt the war machine’s destructive potential or use it to their advantage.
    3. Ancient Arsenal Recovery:
      • Legends speak of an ancient cache of powerful siege weapons hidden deep within a treacherous, monster-infested labyrinth. Among these weapons is the Turret Mounted Battle Ram, thought to be lost to history. A wealthy patron funds the party’s expedition into the labyrinth to recover this formidable war machine. They must face both natural and supernatural threats within the labyrinth, all while trying to safely extract the powerful artifact and bring it back to the surface.
    4. Engineer’s Dilemma:
      • The brilliant inventor behind the Turret Mounted Battle Ram, driven by guilt over the devastation caused by their creation, reaches out to the party for help in disabling their own invention. They believe that only by dismantling the war machine can they atone for their actions. The party must accompany the remorseful engineer on a quest to gather the rare components necessary to deactivate the war machine’s core. However, they are pursued by those who wish to use the weapon for their own gain and must defend against relentless attacks while racing against time to complete their mission.

At its forefront, it features a massive steel ram, designed for battering down walls, gates, and fortifications. The heart of the machine is its turret, which houses powerful siege weapons capable of launching projectiles over great distances.

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