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Snow Trolls (3)


Embark on a perilous journey through the icy realms in Dungeons and Dragons with our Snow Troll miniature, a 3D-printed masterpiece that captures the essence of frosty ferocity and bone-chilling strength.

[Huge Sized Models – 75mm Base]

Did You Know? Snow Trolls possess regenerative abilities, much like their troll kin, allowing them to heal rapidly from wounds. However, their regenerative powers are particularly effective in freezing temperatures, making them incredibly resilient adversaries in icy environments.


  1. The Troll Shaman’s Curse:
    • Characters encounter a tribe of snow trolls suffering under the curse of their malevolent shaman. To break the curse, they must navigate perilous frozen terrain, confront vengeful spirits, and challenge the shaman’s dark magic. Players must decide to lift the curse, exploit the situation, or confront the shaman directly.
  2. Trollhunting Bounty:
    • A desperate town offers a bounty to eradicate a relentless snow troll menace. Characters embark on a hunt, tracking the trolls through snowstorms, uncovering their lair, and engaging in brutal combat. Players must choose to fulfill the bounty, negotiate with the trolls, or delve deeper into the mystery behind their aggression.
  3. The Thawing Trolls’ Truce:
    • Characters stumble upon a group of snow trolls seeking to peacefully coexist with nearby settlements. They must mediate between wary villagers and the trolls, navigating distrust, tribal rivalries, and sinister forces trying to provoke conflict. Players must decide to broker a truce, expose hidden agendas, or let tensions escalate.
  4. The Icebound Artifact:
    • Characters learn of an ancient artifact hidden within a snow troll cave, rumored to control frigid weather. As they journey through treacherous caverns, confront troll guardians, and decipher forgotten runes, they face the choice of retrieving the artifact, safeguarding it, or harnessing its power for their own purposes.

Snow Trolls are carnivorous and relentless hunters, preying upon a variety of creatures that inhabit snowy landscapes. Their voracious appetite drives them to seek out any source of sustenance, from smaller creatures and unwary travelers to larger prey, such as mammoths and arctic beasts. These trolls are known for their ability to track prey over long distances, using their keen sense of smell to detect even well-hidden quarry.


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