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Tribal Orc Trio (3)


Prepare for battle with the Tribal Orcs, 3D-printed embodiments of primal strength and unity, ready for your tabletop skirmishes.

Did You Know? Tribal Orcs are not the marauding, mindless brutes often portrayed in popular fantasy. Instead, they are a complex and honorable race with a rich heritage that spans generations. They inhabit rugged and untamed territories, such as vast forests, mountain ranges, and desolate plains, where they have developed their own unique societies and traditions.


  1. Tribal Orc Rivalry:
    • Tribe vs. Tribe: Two tribal orc clans are locked in a long-standing rivalry over limited resources. Characters can choose to ally with one clan, mediate a truce, or exploit the conflict for their own gain. This campaign explores tribal politics, resource scarcity, and the consequences of alliances.
  2. Shamanic Prophecy:
    • Vision Quest: The tribal orcs’ shaman has foreseen a dire prophecy that threatens their way of life. Characters are chosen by the shaman to embark on a vision quest to prevent the impending catastrophe, facing spiritual trials and battling supernatural threats. This campaign delves into shamanic rituals, prophetic visions, and the intersection of spirituality and action.
  3. Orcish Mercenaries:
    • Hired Blades: A nearby kingdom seeks to hire the tribal orcs as mercenaries for an impending war. Characters may join the orcish mercenary band, navigate the complexities of serving foreign interests, and confront moral dilemmas on the battlefield. This campaign involves mercenary contracts, wartime decisions, and the clash of cultures.
  4. Tribal Orc Exile:
    • Outcast’s Redemption: An outcast from a tribal orc clan seeks redemption and reintegration. Characters encounter the exile and can choose to aid their quest for reconciliation, uncovering the secrets behind the exile’s banishment and facing the challenges of tribal acceptance. This campaign focuses on personal redemption, tribal dynamics, and the power of forgiveness.

Adventurers who seek to forge alliances with Tribal Orcs or explore their lands often find themselves embarking on quests to prove their respect for nature and willingness to protect the balance of the natural world. Earning the trust and friendship of a Tribal Orc tribe is a challenging but deeply rewarding endeavor, as they offer powerful allies, ancient wisdom, and the chance to experience a way of life closely tied to the land and its spirits.

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