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Stone Spider


[Medium Sized Miniature – 25mm Base]

The Stone Spider miniature is a tenacious and resilient arachnid, a creature uniquely adapted to the subterranean realms of stone and mineral. In Dungeons & Dragons, it is known for its stone-carved exoskeleton, its stealthy hunting tactics, and its role as an ambush predator in the dark and rocky recesses of the world.

Did You Know?The Stone Spider’s exoskeleton is prized by artisans for its durability and the intricate patterns that resemble the veining of precious gemstones.

    1. The Stoneweaver’s Curse:
      • A remote village has fallen into ruin, its inhabitants turned into lifeless stone statues. Rumors suggest that a cursed Stone Spider is behind this tragedy, residing deep within a labyrinthine cave system. The party must navigate the treacherous underground maze, overcome petrified obstacles, and confront the Stone Spider to lift the curse and restore the villagers to life.
    2. Stone Silk Trade:
      • A thriving market in a nearby city offers valuable items crafted from the rare silk spun by Stone Spiders. A mysterious benefactor hires the party to secure a steady supply of this silk by venturing into the perilous underground tunnels where the spiders dwell. They’ll need to negotiate with silk traders, protect miners from arachnid threats, and ensure a consistent silk harvest while dealing with the territorial Stone Spiders.
    3. Gargoyle Invasion:
      • Gargoyles animated by dark magic are terrorizing the land, seemingly immune to harm. Investigating their origins, the party discovers that a Stone Spider has been corrupted and is controlling the gargoyles. They must delve into a shadowy cave network to confront the spider and end its dark influence. Battles against hordes of gargoyles and navigating labyrinthine tunnels make this quest a harrowing adventure.
    4. The Living Fossil:
      • Scholars and archaeologists seek a living specimen of the Stone Spider, believed to be a relic from ancient times. The party is tasked with locating and capturing one for study. Tracking the creature to its rocky lair, they must use their wits to ensnare the elusive arachnid and protect it from those who seek to exploit its unique properties.

They are often found in rocky caverns, hidden tunnels, and mineral-rich caves where they lie in wait for unsuspecting prey. Their stone-carved exoskeletons provide them with exceptional protection, and they use this natural camouflage to blend seamlessly with their surroundings.

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