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Orc War Chief


This ferocious marvel stands as the embodiment of brute strength, adorned with battle-worn armor and wielding weapons that echo the thunderous roar of war.

[Large Sized Model – 50mm base]

Did You Know? Orc War Chiefs highest-ranking leaders of orc tribes, admired for their strength, battle-hardened experience, and the respect they command from their clans.


  1. The War Chief’s Challenge:
    • Adventure Hook: The party is summoned to the orcish stronghold to face the War Chief’s challenge – a trial of combat and wit. Characters must engage in combat encounters against orcish champions, navigate orcish honor rituals, and decide whether to earn the War Chief’s respect or forge a path of enmity, influencing their standing among the orcish clans and their ongoing adventures.
  2. Unholy Alliances:
    • Adventure Hook: Characters uncover a sinister pact between the War Chief and dark forces threatening the land. They must engage in diplomatic encounters, navigate treacherous allegiances, and decide whether to aid or thwart the War Chief’s plans, reshaping the balance of power and peril in the region within their ongoing adventures.
  3. Clan Rivalry Unleashed:
    • Combat-Centric: The War Chief’s ambition pits his clan against rival orcish clans in a brutal tribal conflict. The party is embroiled in a series of intense combat encounters against rival clans, navigate political alliances, and decide whether to support the War Chief’s bid for dominance or seek to mediate a fragile peace, shaping the orcish clans’ destiny and their ongoing narrative.
  4. Rallying the Horde:
    • Combat-Centric: A greater external threat looms, and the War Chief seeks to unite all orcish clans under his banner. Characters must engage in intense combat encounters against formidable adversaries, negotiate clan alliances, and decide whether to aid in uniting the orcish horde or hinder the War Chief’s ambitions, affecting the fate of the region and their ongoing adventures.

In their role as leaders, Orc War Chiefs hold ultimate authority within their tribes. They decide on targets, alliances, and the distribution of plunder. They are responsible for settling disputes, enforcing tribal laws, and guiding the destiny of their people. They are also the ones who forge alliances with other orc tribes or decide to unite them under a single banner.


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