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Goblin Bandits (3)


These Goblin Bandits miniatures represent a cunning and roguish breed of goblins that have embraced a life of crime and thievery in the wild and untamed parts of the world. In Dungeons & Dragons, they are known for their nimbleness, their talent for ambushes, and their role as devious and opportunistic raiders of the land.

Did You Know? These goblins are opportunistic by nature, lurking in the outskirts of civilized lands, dense forests, or rocky hills. They are known to set up crude hideouts or makeshift camps, from which they launch raids on travelers, caravans, and even isolated settlements.

[Medium Sized Models – 25mm Base]


  1. The Goblin Ambush (CR 1):
    • As the party journeys through a dense forest, they stumble upon the remains of a recent caravan attack. Clues suggest that a trio of cunning Goblin Bandits, one armed with a sword, one with a bow, and one wielding a shield, are responsible. The party may decide to track down the Goblins to recover stolen goods or bring them to justice, leading to a pursuit through the wilderness.
  2. The Stolen Heirloom (CR 1):
    • A local noble’s family heirloom has been stolen by a trio of Goblin Bandits who’ve taken refuge in a nearby cave. The noble offers a generous reward for its return. The party can choose to negotiate with the Goblins, infiltrate their hideout, or engage in combat to reclaim the precious artifact.
  3. Goblin Ransom Note (CR 1):
    • A prominent merchant’s child has been kidnapped by Goblin Bandits. The Goblins demand a hefty ransom, and the party is tasked with delivering it. However, as they venture into the wilderness to meet the Goblins, they may discover an opportunity to outwit or defeat the bandits and rescue the child, thus preventing further abductions.
  4. Goblin Cooperation (CR 1):
    • A local settlement reports ongoing conflicts with a tribe of Goblin Bandits, who’ve been causing trouble in the area. The party is asked to negotiate a truce or alliance with the Goblins to address a more significant threat, such as encroaching monsters or a rival bandit group. They must find a way to gain the Goblins’ trust and cooperation while keeping the settlement safe.


Encounters with Goblin Bandits are often marked by surprise attacks, cunning traps, and the theft of valuable possessions. While individually weak, they are masters of hit-and-run tactics and have a knack for escaping when the odds turn against them.

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