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Minotaur Barbarian


This hulking figure stands as the embodiment of ferocious prowess, adorned in battle-worn armor that bears witness to countless clashes and wielding a massive axes that cleaves through adversaries with primal precision.

Did You Know? Despite their fierce appearance and martial prowess, Minotaurs can be honorable and diplomatic when the situation calls for it. They have a rich cultural heritage, including intricate ceremonies, storytelling traditions, and rituals passed down through generations.


  1. Maze of the Minotaur:
    • Labyrinthine Challenge: Characters find themselves trapped in a labyrinth ruled by the Minotaur Barbarian, forced to navigate its treacherous passages, decipher riddles, and confront the beast in a test of wit and brawn. This campaign explores maze-like puzzles, survival in confined spaces, and the primal instincts of the Minotaur.
  2. Barbarian’s Redemption:
    • Warrior’s Regret: The Minotaur Barbarian seeks redemption for past atrocities, offering to aid the party in a quest for restitution. Characters must confront the barbarian’s violent past, navigate moral dilemmas, and decide whether to trust their newfound ally. This campaign focuses on personal redemption, forgiveness, and the cost of past actions.
  3. War Chief’s Challenge:
    • Tribe in Turmoil: The Minotaur Barbarian is the leader of a troubled minotaur tribe torn by internal strife. Characters may choose to mediate the conflict, unite the warring factions, and help the tribe regain its strength. This campaign explores tribal politics, conflict resolution, and the restoration of honor.
  4. Beast in the Arena:
    • Gladiatorial Combat: The Minotaur Barbarian is a legendary gladiator, undefeated in the arena. Characters can enter the gladiatorial games, face the formidable beast in combat, and uncover the secrets behind its invincibility. This campaign involves arena battles, fame and fortune, and the lure of gladiatorial glory.

Minotaurs have a complex history, originating from various origins depending on the campaign setting. Some tales describe them as the offspring of a cursed tribe, while others depict them as creatures forged by divine intervention or powerful sorcery.

[Medium Sized Model – 25mm Base]

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