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Lordly Fey Spirit


Lordly Fey Spirit, embodying the fusion of a lion and a stag, is a majestic and regal creature, serving as a guardian of the feywild and a symbol of the natural world’s power and grace.

[Large Sized Model – 50mm base]

Did You Know? The presence of a Lordly Fey Spirit is believed to be a sign of the Feywild’s favor, and their appearances are often associated with moments of great significance, such as the birth of a new fey monarch or the renewal of the seasons.


  1. The Fey Monarch’s Blessing:
    • The birth of a new fey monarch is heralded by the appearance of a Lordly Fey Spirit. Characters are chosen to serve as emissaries in a quest to find the fey royal and secure their blessing. As they journey through the enchanting wilderness of the Feywild, they engage in diplomatic encounters with fey creatures and navigate through the ever-shifting fey domains. Characters must decide whether to ensure the monarch’s ascension, uncover hidden rivalries, or challenge the fey hierarchy.
  2. The Ecosystem’s Balance:
    • A pristine wilderness on the material plane faces an ecological crisis, with the delicate balance of life and death teetering on the brink. Characters seek the aid of a nearby Lordly Fey Spirit to restore harmony. They embark on a quest to enter the Feywild and gain the spirit’s favor, encountering challenges that test their understanding of the ecosystem. Characters must decide whether to preserve the balance, exploit the fey spirit’s power, or confront the forces threatening the wilderness.
  3. The Intruder’s Wrath:
    • Characters unwittingly trespass into a Lordly Fey Spirit’s domain, setting off its protective instincts. They face intense combat encounters against the spirit’s guardians and the spirit itself, which hunts to defend its realm. Characters must decide whether to escape the domain, seek reconciliation with the fey spirit, or challenge its territorial dominance.
  4. The Feywild’s Renewal:
    • The arrival of a Lordly Fey Spirit signals the renewal of the seasons within its domain. Characters are invited to participate in a grand ritual to usher in a new season, but malevolent forces seek to disrupt the ceremony. Characters engage in intense combat encounters against these intruders, safeguarding the ritual’s success. They must decide whether to protect the Feywild’s renewal, thwart the disruptors, or exploit the fey spirit’s power.

Lordly Fey Spirits serve as the stewards and protectors of their domains within the Feywild. These domains are often vast, untouched wilderness areas where the boundaries between the material plane and the fey realm are blurred. Within these realms, they ensure the balance of life and death, hunting to maintain the health of the ecosystem while fiercely guarding against threats.


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