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Lava Lord


An Elemental Lava Lord is a living embodiment of molten destruction and primordial power, forged from the blazing heart of the earth itself.

[Large Sized Model – 50mm base]

Did You Know? Elemental Lava Lords are often associated with the forging of legendary weapons and artifacts, as their mastery over heat and metal allows them to shape and temper materials of great power.


  1. The Volcano’s Fury Unleashed:
    • Adventure Hook: A dormant volcano begins to show signs of awakening, threatening nearby settlements. Characters are tasked with seeking the aid of an Elemental Lava Lord, the guardian of volcanic regions. To do so, they embark on a perilous journey through hazardous terrain, engage in diplomatic encounters with fiery elemental beings, and decide whether to convince the Lava Lord to quell the volcano’s fury, maintain the balance, or harness the volcano’s power, greatly influencing the fate of the land and their ongoing adventures.
  2. The Elemental Artificer’s Request:
    • Adventure Hook: A renowned elemental artificer seeks the assistance of an Elemental Lava Lord to forge a legendary artifact. Characters are chosen to negotiate with the Lava Lord, embarking on a quest that takes them through treacherous volcanic realms, engaging in diplomatic encounters with elemental beings, and decide whether to aid in the artifact’s creation, preserve the natural balance, or use the artifact’s power, greatly impacting the world’s destiny and their ongoing narrative.
  3. The Earth’s Wrath Awakens:
    • Combat-Centric: An Elemental Lava Lord awakens in a fit of rage, causing volcanic eruptions and chaos in the land. Characters must confront the enraged elemental giant in intense combat encounters, navigating through blistering heat and molten terrain. They must decide whether to quell the Lava Lord’s fury, defeat it, or attempt to harness its elemental might, significantly influencing the stability of the region and their ongoing adventures.
  4. The Elemental Alliance:
    • Combat-Centric: A powerful enemy threatens to disrupt the balance of the earth’s fiery core, and an Elemental Lava Lord offers its alliance to prevent catastrophe. Characters engage in intense combat encounters against the common enemy, harnessing the Lava Lord’s power to conjure firestorms and manipulate lava. They decide whether to join forces with the Lava Lord, negotiate terms, or challenge its authority, greatly shaping the outcome of their elemental battle and their ongoing narrative.

These titanic beings are forces of nature, capable of unleashing devastating firestorms, conjuring rivers of molten lava, and manipulating the very earth itself. They inhabit the fiery depths of volcanoes, magma-filled caverns, and subterranean chambers of molten rock.


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