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Knights Of The Dragon (3)


Knights of the Dragon are noble and valiant warriors, devoted to the protection of their kin and the preservation of draconic heritage.

Did you know? The Knights of the Dragon pledge their loyalty to a specific dragon, whom they view as a patron and mentor. In return for this devotion, they are bestowed with a fragment of the dragon’s power, often manifesting as dragon-like abilities, such as breath weapons or enhanced strength.


  1. . Dragonborn Rivalry:
    • Adventure Hook: The Dragonborn Knights of the Dragon engage in a fierce rivalry with another dragonborn faction. Characters find themselves caught in the crossfire, mediating conflicts, engaging in combat skirmishes, and ultimately choosing a side that will shape their ongoing narrative and dragonborn relations.
  2. Ancient Draconic Secrets:
    • Adventure Hook: The Dragonborn Knights of the Dragon possess knowledge of an ancient and powerful dragon ritual. Characters are tasked with protecting this sacred wisdom from those who seek to misuse it, leading to covert missions, political intrigue, and the preservation of ancient dragon traditions within their ongoing adventures.
  3. The Dragon’s Debt:
    • Combat-Centric: The Dragonborn Knights of the Dragon owe a life debt to a powerful dragon and are called upon to repay it. Characters must embark on a perilous quest to fulfill this debt, facing draconic trials, battling ancient foes, and securing the dragon’s favor, which will alter their ongoing adventures and dragonborn allegiances.
  4. The Lost Dragonborn Heir:
    • Combat-Centric: A long-lost heir to the Dragonborn Knights of the Dragon resurfaces, challenging the current leadership and igniting a civil war. Characters must choose sides, engage in epic battles, and determine the fate of the dragonborn society, profoundly impacting their ongoing narrative.

In times of great need, the knights gather in a sacred council, presided over by their dragon patron. This council serves as both a court of justice and a war council, where important decisions are made, oaths are renewed, and quests of great significance are undertaken in the name of their honored dragons.

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