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Human Warrior King


Unleash the regal might of the Human Warrior King! This commanding miniature embodies the epitome of strength, leadership, and martial prowess. Adorned in majestic armor and wielding a mighty sword.

Did You Know? Human Warrior Kings often wield legendary swords or weapons of great historical significance, passed down through generations and carrying the weight of their nation’s history and legacy.


  1. The Throne of Valor:
    • Adventure Hook: The party is called to the human kingdom to participate in a grand tournament known as the “Throne of Valor.” Characters must engage in combat encounters against formidable competitors, navigate courtly intrigue, and decide whether to vie for the favor of the Warrior King, reshaping their standing in the kingdom and their ongoing adventures.
  2. A Kingdom Divided:
    • Adventure Hook: Characters become embroiled in a feud between the Human Warrior King and a rival noble house, threatening the kingdom’s unity. They must navigate political intrigues, engage in combat encounters against rival forces, and decide whether to mediate a fragile peace, support one side, or seek a resolution that benefits all, significantly influencing the realm’s political landscape and their ongoing narrative.
  3. The Lost Sword of Sovereignty:
    • Combat-Centric: The Human Warrior King’s ancestral sword, a symbol of his rule, has been stolen and plunged the kingdom into chaos. The party is tasked with retrieving the stolen artifact, engaging in intense combat encounters against thieves and mercenaries, deciphering ancient riddles, and deciding whether to restore the sword to the King’s hands, preserving his rule or altering the kingdom’s fate and their ongoing adventures.
  4. A Kingdom’s Oath:
    • Combat-Centric: An ancient pact with a powerful being is in danger of being broken, jeopardizing the kingdom. The party is summoned to engage in a series of intense combat encounters against supernatural threats, unearth forgotten prophecies, and decide whether to honor the kingdom’s oath, confront the being, or seek a new path for their realm, shaping the destiny of the kingdom and their ongoing narrative.

In their role as rulers, Human Warrior Kings are not only military commanders but also statesmen and protectors of their realm’s prosperity. They are responsible for the welfare of their people, making decisions on matters of diplomacy, law, and governance. They forge alliances, negotiate treaties, and uphold the principles of justice and honor.

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