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Harpy Queen


[Medium Sized Miniature – 25mm Base]

The Harpy Queen stands apart from her harpy kin in both appearance and demeanor. Her feathers are a symphony of vibrant colors, her wings a dazzling display of plumage. Her voice carries the alluring and enchanting qualities that have made harpies famous and she wears a crown of intricate design, adorned with precious gems and feathers, signifying her status as a queen.

Did You Know? Harpies are known as territorial and dangerous matriarchal beasts that often lead astray weary travelers, sailors and unsuspecting folk of any sort. 

    1. Harpy Sovereign’s Demand:
      • The Harpy Queen, ruler of a vast harpy clan, issues a dire ultimatum to a nearby human settlement. She demands a tribute of valuable treasures and magical artifacts in exchange for the safety of the town’s inhabitants. The party is tasked with negotiating with the Harpy Queen, potentially striking a deal or finding an alternative solution to protect the town. Their journey takes them through perilous cliffs and soaring heights, facing harpy ambushes and navigating intricate diplomacy with the enigmatic queen.
    2. Bard’s Captivation:
      • A renowned bard seeks the mesmerizing songs of the Harpy Queen to complete an epic masterpiece. The party is recruited to venture into harpy territory and, through diplomacy or subterfuge, convince the queen to share her haunting melodies. However, the harpies are notoriously protective of their queen’s songs, and the adventurers must prove their worthiness or face the wrath of the feathered monarch.
    3. Enslaved Minds:
      • Reports emerge of a nearby village being mysteriously enthralled by the haunting songs of the Harpy Queen. The party is dispatched to investigate and, if necessary, free the villagers from the queen’s mental grip. To succeed, they must navigate treacherous cliffside lairs, confront harpy minions, and find a way to break the enchantment while avoiding becoming enthralled themselves.
    4. Harpy Heirloom Hunt:
      • Legends tell of a priceless artifact hidden within the Harpy Queen’s lair, said to possess incredible power. A rival group of treasure hunters competes with the party to retrieve the artifact. As they delve into harpy territory, they must outwit the harpies, overcome aerial challenges, and confront the queen herself to claim the coveted heirloom. The artifact’s true potential remains a mystery, but its possession could greatly impact the campaign’s unfolding events.

The largest Harpy flocks are led by a Queen who maintains social order amongst her kin. These Queens usually show a keen intelligence well above their lower kin and are capable of clear speech and conversation, language permitting.

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