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Goblin War Squad (3)


Unleash the War Goblins, 3D-printed embodiments of mischief and mayhem, ready for your tabletop battles.

Did You Know? Long ago, when the realm was plunged into a time of darkness and chaos, the War Goblins emerged from the depths of the underworld. These malevolent creatures were born from the very essence of strife and conflict, created by dark sorcery and ancient curses. They are known for their grotesque appearance, with greenish skin, sharp fangs, and glowing red eyes that gleam with malice.


  1. Goblin Ambush in the Dark Forest:
    • Ambushed at Dusk: The party, traveling through a dark forest, falls victim to a cunning goblin ambush led by a war chief. Characters must navigate the treacherous terrain, defend against guerrilla attacks, and outwit the goblin warband to escape the forest alive. This campaign explores forest survival, ambush tactics, and the chaotic nature of goblins.
  2. The Goblin King’s Ransom:
    • Royal Rescue Mission: The Goblin King kidnaps a prominent noble, demanding a hefty ransom. The party is tasked with infiltrating the goblin stronghold, rescuing the captive, and negotiating with the wily goblins to secure the hostage’s release. This campaign involves rescue missions, diplomacy with goblins, and navigating the politics of ransom.
  3. War Goblins’ Infernal Pact:
    • Fiendish Alliance: A group of war goblins has forged an unholy pact with infernal forces, endangering the region. Characters must uncover the goblins’ dark ritual, disrupt their pact, and confront both goblin warlocks and fiendish allies. This campaign delves into infernal pacts, demonic adversaries, and the battle between light and darkness.
  4. Goblin Rebellion in the Mines:
    • Miner’s Revolt: War goblins incite a rebellion among enslaved miners in a subterranean labyrinth. The party must navigate the dangerous underground, forge alliances with miners, and confront goblin leaders to quell the uprising. This campaign focuses on underground exploration, insurrections, and the struggle for freedom.

It is said that the darkest sorcerers and necromancers can summon War Goblins to serve as mercenaries in their armies. They offer the goblins the promise of endless conflict and destruction in exchange for their allegiance, creating unholy alliances that threaten to engulf the world in chaos.


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