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Frost Giant King


This towering marvel stands as the embodiment of giant might, adorned with ornate armor and a powerful relic sword that evokes the thunderous presence of giant royalty.

[Huge Sized Model – 75mm Base]

Did You Know? The throne of the King of Frost Giants is often carved from a massive glacier, serving as both a symbol of their rule and a testament to their dominion over the icy wilderness.


  1. Frost Giant’s Cryo-Relic:
    • Characters uncover rumors of the Frost Giant King’s lost cryo-relic, a powerful artifact capable of triggering cataclysmic ice storms. To prevent its misuse, they embark on a perilous journey, encountering frigid wilderness, ice elementals, and rival factions vying for the relic. Players must decide to recover the artifact, safeguard it from evil hands, or harness its icy power.
  2. Winter Court Diplomacy:
    • A delegation from the Winter Court seeks characters’ aid in negotiating with the Frost Giant King, whose actions threaten the fey realm’s balance. The journey takes them through treacherous snowscapes, facing frost creatures and puzzles guarding the giant’s fortress. Players must choose to broker peace, confront the king, or manipulate fey politics.
  3. Avalanche of the Ancients:
    • The Frost Giant King’s awakening triggers ancient defenses—a series of avalanches endangering nearby settlements. Characters race against time to dismantle the defenses, navigate icy peril, and confront elemental guardians. Players must decide to stop the avalanches, confront the king’s forces, or exploit the chaos for their gain.
  4. The Frozen Crown Conspiracy:
    • Characters stumble upon a conspiracy involving the Frost Giant King’s stolen crown, a key to unlocking his dormant powers. As they delve into the intrigue, they face political maneuvering, frost giants, and chilling enchantments. Players must uncover the conspiracy, decide who holds the crown, or harness its formidable abilities.

Frost Giant Kings renowned for their brute strength, which rivals that of dragons and other legendary creatures. They are also fiercely territorial and protective of their domains, their realms often contain a formidable fortress, constructed from immense blocks of ice and stone. This citadel serve as symbols of their power and provides shelter for their subjects during the harshest of winters.


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