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Frost Giants (3)


This 3D-printed masterpiece captures the essence of snow giant might, combining raw power with tactical diversity as the squad wields a great axe, warhammer, and a shield with a flail.

Did You Know? Frost Giants are often revered as guardians of the icy wilderness, and they are said to have the ability to commune with and influence the weather, making them powerful figures in the harsh climates they inhabit.


  1. The Frozen Alliance:
    • Adventure Hook: The party must negotiate an alliance with a tribe of Frost Giants to counter a greater, common threat. Characters engage in diplomatic encounters, prove their worth through challenges, and navigate the complexities of intercultural relations.
  2. The Snow Giant’s Prophecy:
    • Adventure Hook: The Frost Giants possess a cryptic prophecy about an impending calamity. Characters are drawn into their quest to decipher the prophecy’s meaning, uncover hidden truths, and confront the looming danger.
  3. The Frost Giant Challenge:
    • Combat-Centric: A formidable Frost Giant challenges the party to prove their strength in honorable combat. Characters must engage in a series of challenging combat encounters, navigate treacherous icy terrain, and decide whether to accept or decline the challenge.
  4. Guardians of the Glacial Shrine:
    • Combat-Centric: Characters discover an ancient shrine deep in the snowy wilderness, guarded by Frost Giants. To access its sacred secrets, they must engage in intense combat encounters against the guardians, solve cryptic puzzles, and earn the trust of the giants.

These formidable creatures live in close-knit family groups or solitary existences, each one typically claiming a vast territory as their own. They are nomadic by nature, following the migration patterns of the creatures they hunt and foraging for what sustenance they can find in the unforgiving wilderness. 

[Huge Sized Models – 75mm Base]

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