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Fey Touched Bark Monster


[Large Sized Miniature – 50mm Base]

The Fey-Touched Bark Monster Miniature is a majestic and enigmatic guardian of the woodlands, in Dungeons & Dragons it is a creature born of the intertwining forces of fey magic and the ancient spirits of the forest.

Did You Know? Fey-Touched Bark Monsters are often found in ancient and untouched forests where the veil between the Material Plane and the Feywild is thin.

    1. Blighted Woods:
      • A once-thriving forest has started to wither and decay, leaving neighboring settlements in peril. The appearance of a massive, ancient Fey-Touched Bark Monster is believed to be the cause. The party is tasked with investigating the forest’s plight, discovering the origin of the creature’s corruption, and finding a way to restore balance to the land. Their journey will lead them through treacherous terrain, encounters with corrupted fey creatures, and a final showdown with the tainted guardian.
    2. The Druid’s Call:
      • A circle of druids seeks the party’s assistance in locating a missing member who had been studying the Fey-Touched Bark Monsters for years. They believe her knowledge is vital in understanding the sudden aggression of these creatures. The party’s quest takes them into the heart of the fey-infested woods, where they must navigate a complex network of alliances and rivalries among various fey creatures. Uncovering the truth behind the Bark Monster’s behavior becomes a race against time to restore harmony to the forest.
    3. The Witch’s Bargain:
      • A reclusive witch offers the party her services to defeat a malicious fey creature that torments her and her forest home. She claims to possess knowledge of a ritual that can pacify the Fey-Touched Bark Monster, but in return, she asks a steep price – the party must retrieve an ancient relic from the heart of the feywild. The adventure involves a perilous journey through the ethereal realm, encounters with whimsical fey denizens, and a choice between honoring the witch’s pact or finding an alternative solution.
    4. Awakening of the Elders:
      • The Fey-Touched Bark Monster is said to be an ancient guardian of an eldritch grove hidden deep within the forest. As it awakens from a centuries-long slumber, it inadvertently disrupts the balance of the natural world. The party is entrusted with appeasing the guardian and restoring tranquility to the forest. Their quest leads them through a series of trials, communing with ancient tree spirits, and negotiating with powerful fey entities to mend the bond between the guardian and the grove.

The Fey-Touched Bark Monster is a creature of arboreal splendor, its form resembling that of a colossal tree. Its bark-covered skin is adorned with intricate patterns and textures, resembling both the age-old wisdom of the forest and the whimsical beauty of the Feywild. It possesses limbs that branch into a myriad of branches and tendrils, each tipped with leaves or blooms of vibrant colors.

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