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Fey Spirit Wendigo


Embark on a journey into the haunting depths of fey magic in Dungeons and Dragons with our Fey Spirit Wendigo miniature, a 3D-printed masterpiece that captures the essence of fey enchantment and primal terror.

[Large Sized Monster 50mm Base]

Did You Know? Fey Spirit Wendigos are said to be born from the darkest depths of the feywild, where the hunger for power and the consumption of others can transform a once-innocent fey spirit into a malevolent wendigo.


  1. Wendigo’s Frozen Trail:
    • Characters uncover a series of mysterious disappearances in a remote, wintry village. Following a trail of chilling clues, they encounter the malevolent fey spirit wendigo, stalking its prey through blizzards, eluding traps, and facing its insatiable hunger. Players must decide to vanquish the wendigo, negotiate a truce, or succumb to its sinister allure.
  2. The Forbidden Frostwood:
    • Legends speak of a cursed forest where the fey spirit wendigo dwells, its presence corrupting the land. Characters journey through the haunted Frostwood, navigating treacherous terrain, confronting twisted fey creatures, and seeking to lift the curse. Players must choose to purify the forest, harness its dark power, or exploit the wendigo’s influence.
  3. Wendigo’s Rivalry:
    • Characters become entangled in a rivalry between the fey spirit wendigo and a guardian spirit protecting a remote wilderness. To resolve the conflict, they navigate a maze of frosty challenges, mediate between ancient spirits, and confront the wendigo’s sinister nature. Players must decide to reconcile the spirits, exploit their feud, or serve one of them.
  4. The Frozen Heart’s Echo:
    • An artifact linked to the fey spirit wendigo’s curse is discovered, capable of controlling its chilling powers. Characters must embark on a quest to retrieve the artifact from perilous tombs, decipher cryptic inscriptions, and confront the wendigo. Players must choose to harness the artifact, destroy it, or use it to confront the wendigo on their terms.

A twisted and sinister fey spirit that inhabit the desolate and frigid expanses of the world, notorious for their insatiable appetite for flesh, particularly that of sentient beings. These sinister spirits are also associated with madness and cannibalism, as their very presence can drive mortals to madness and desperation. Victims who fall under the wendigo’s influence may become consumed by an unnatural hunger for the flesh of others, transforming into wendigos themselves.

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