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Fey Touched Hydra


This monstrous creature emerges as the embodiment of enchanting ferocity, its multiple heads adorned with ethereal markings that shimmer with fey magic, and eyes that gleam with the primal intelligence of a creature touched by the mystic energies of the Feywild.

[Huge Sized Model – 75mm base]

Did You Know? The presence of a Fey-Touched Hydra is often considered a sign of the Feywild’s influence, and their appearances are sometimes interpreted as omens of significant changes in the natural world.


  1. The Enchanted Ring of Unity:
    • Adventure Hook: The Fey Touched Hydra possesses one of the three enchanted rings of unity, said to bind the realms of Feywild, Material, and Shadow together. Characters are chosen to safeguard this ring from those who seek to harness its power. They must engage in diplomatic encounters with fey ambassadors, navigate treacherous landscapes, and decide whether to protect the ring, use its power, or alter the balance between the realms, significantly impacting the fate of all worlds and their ongoing adventures.
  2. The Enigmatic Fey Conflux:
    • Adventure Hook: The Fey Touched Hydra is drawn to a mysterious convergence of magical energies where realities blur. Characters are compelled to follow the hydra into this enigmatic Fey Conflux, where they engage in combat encounters against creatures spawned from different realms, decipher arcane clues, and decide whether to stabilize the convergence, explore its depths, or reshape the very nature of reality, greatly influencing the interplay between dimensions and their ongoing narrative.
  3. The Lure of the Forgotten Grove:
    • Adventure Hook: The Fey Touched Hydra leads the party to a hidden grove, untouched by time, where the boundaries between seasons have faded. Characters must navigate this surreal grove, engage in diplomatic encounters with fey denizens, and decide whether to preserve the grove’s timelessness, embrace its seasonal chaos, or alter the very fabric of the Feywild’s connection to the material realm, significantly impacting the natural order and their ongoing adventures.
  4. The Cursed Songs of the Feywild:
    • Combat-Centric: The Fey Touched Hydra guards a tome containing ancient songs capable of altering reality. Characters must engage in intense combat encounters against beings that seek to silence or harness these songs, deciphering the melodies’ power, and decide whether to protect the tome, sing the songs, or rewrite the fabric of existence, greatly influencing the harmony of the realms and their ongoing narrative.

These hydras are known for their ability to harness fey magic, using it to heal the land, purify water, or even shape the terrain to their liking.

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  1. Thea

    Second mini I’ve purchased from these guys and I’m blown away by the quality to detail on these, so much better than wizkids models and other prints I’ve found on Etsy in the past. Quickly becomming my favourite seller, hoping the range increased a bit more on the monster side soon though.

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