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Fey Touched Hound


This mystical companion emerges as the embodiment of enchanting grace, its form adorned with otherworldly markings that shimmer with fey magic, and eyes that gleam with the primal intelligence of a creature bound by ancient bonds.

Did You Know? A Fey-Touched Hound’s paws leave faint, glowing footprints wherever they tread, marking the boundary between the mundane and the fey-infused world.


  1. The Whispering Woods Beckon:
    • Adventure Hook: Characters encounter a wounded Fey Touched Hound within the Whispering Woods, a mystical forest of the Feywild. They must nurse the hound back to health, engaging in diplomatic encounters with fey creatures, navigating the enchanted forest, and deciding whether to explore the Feywild’s secrets, protect its sanctity, or alter its influence on the material realm, significantly impacting the balance of magic in the region and their ongoing adventures.
  2. The Elusive Fey Court:
    • Adventure Hook: The Fey Touched Hound serves as a guide to the hidden Fey Court, a place of great fey power. Characters embark on a quest to find it, engaging in combat encounters against whimsical fey creatures, deciphering riddles of the court, and deciding whether to seek the fey’s aid, preserve their secrets, or change the nature of the bond between the realms, greatly influencing the relationship between the material world and the Feywild in their ongoing narrative.
  3. Guardians of the Feywild Crossing:
    • Combat-Centric: The Fey Touched Hound leads the party to a portal between the material world and the Feywild, a portal that requires protection. Characters must engage in intense combat encounters against creatures seeking to disrupt the crossing, deciphering ancient warding symbols, and decide whether to safeguard the portal, open it for exploration, or seal it, affecting the connection between the realms and their ongoing adventures.
  4. The Shifting Maze of the Fey:
    • Combat-Centric: The Fey Touched Hound is the key to navigating a shifting maze within the Feywild. The party embarks on a series of intense combat encounters against maze denizens, puzzles, and illusions, deciding whether to embrace the maze’s challenges, uncover its mysteries, or change the very nature of the maze, greatly influencing the Feywild’s impact on their world and their ongoing narrative.

Fey-Touched Hounds are known for their mysterious and unpredictable nature. They are often drawn to those who possess a connection to the Feywild or who exhibit qualities such as curiosity, creativity, or a love for the natural world. These hounds are both protectors of their domain and messengers of the fey, often serving as guides for those who venture into the Feywild.

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