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Dragon Turtle Hatchling


Encounter the Dragon Turtle Hatchling, a 3D-printed embodiment of emerging aquatic prowess, perfect for Dungeon Masters and players alike, eager to immerse themselves in the adventures of nurturing and safeguarding this unique coastal creature.

Large Sized Model – 50mm base

Did You Know? Dragon Turtle Hatchlings are born in the heart of the ocean’s depths, emerging from colossal eggs encrusted with precious gemstones. These eggs are often the result of ancient and mystical processes, created by the union of a powerful dragon turtle and the energies of the sea. The hatchlings are initially small and unassuming, their scales a glistening shade of emerald or sapphire.


  1. Guardian of Coastal Harmony:
    • Troubled Tides: The Dragon Turtle Hatchling serves as a guardian of coastal communities threatened by pirates and sea monsters. Characters may be tasked with forging a bond with the hatchling, defending against maritime threats, and fostering harmony between humans and the aquatic world. This campaign explores coastal defense, diplomacy with sea creatures, and the balance of oceanic ecosystems.
  2. Mystical Sea Riddles:
    • Riddle of the Abyss: The Dragon Turtle Hatchling possesses knowledge of a mythical underwater realm. Characters must engage in a quest to decipher the hatchling’s enigmatic riddles, explore the depths, and unlock the secrets of the hidden realm. This campaign delves into underwater exploration, riddle-solving, and the allure of uncharted waters.
  3. Marauder’s Menace:
    • Pirate Infestation: A notorious pirate captain seeks to plunder coastal villages with the aid of sea monsters. Characters must enlist the Dragon Turtle Hatchling’s assistance, confront the pirate menace, and navigate high-seas battles. This campaign focuses on maritime warfare, pirate conflicts, and the defense of coastal settlements.
  4. Turtle’s First Journey:
    • Rite of Passage: The Dragon Turtle Hatchling embarks on its first solo journey to prove its strength and gain the respect of its elders. Characters can choose to accompany the hatchling, face challenges together, and witness its growth as it confronts elemental trials. This campaign explores coming-of-age rituals, elemental challenges, and the bond between hatchling and guardians.
These young creatures are also known for their melodious songs that echo through the ocean depths. Their songs are said to be imbued with the magic of the sea, and some sailors and bards believe that listening to the harmonious melodies of a Dragon Turtle Hatchling can bring good fortune and safe voyages.


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