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Dragon Knight Commander


March into the heart of battle with our Dragon Knight Commander miniature for your Dungeons and Dragons campaign! Choose one of 3 pose variations.

Did You Know? The bond between a Dragon Knight Commander and their dragon companion is often sealed through a sacred ritual, where oaths of loyalty and protection are exchanged. This mystical connection grants them the ability to communicate telepathically and share their strengths in battle.


1. Knight Commander’s Dilemma:

  • Adventure Hook: The Dragon Knight Commander seeks the party’s assistance in resolving a conflict within their ranks, threatening the unity of the dragon knight order. Characters must navigate political intrigue, engage in combat encounters against rival factions, and make decisions that will determine the order’s future, significantly influencing their ongoing adventures.

2. The Lost Relic of the Dragon Knights:

  • Adventure Hook: Legends tell of a powerful relic belonging to the Dragon Knight Commander that could turn the tide in a looming war. Characters embark on a quest to recover this lost artifact, facing combat encounters against treacherous guardians and rival factions, all while reshaping the balance of power within their ongoing adventures.

3. Dragon Knight Initiation:

  • Combat-Centric: Characters are invited to undergo the rigorous initiation trials required to join the ranks of the Dragon Knights. They must prove their combat prowess, tactical acumen, and unwavering dedication in a series of challenging combat encounters, earning their place among the esteemed order and influencing their ongoing narrative.

4. Oathbreaker’s Challenge:

  • Combat-Centric: A former member of the Dragon Knights challenges the Dragon Knight Commander to a duel for leadership. Characters must engage in a high-stakes combat encounter, choosing a side to support, and ultimately shaping the destiny of the dragon knight order and their ongoing adventures.

Dragon Knight Commanders are renowned for their exceptional martial skills and tactical acumen. They are trained to fight both on foot and while mounted on their dragon companions, seamlessly transitioning between ground combat and aerial warfare. Their combat style combines the devastating abilities of dragons with their own prowess in weaponry and tactics.


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