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Ancient Red Dragon


This legendary creature stands as the embodiment of primal fury, adorned in scales that shimmer with the intensity of molten lava and wings that cast shadows over realms.

[Gargantuan Sized Model – 100mm base]

Did You Know? Ancient Red Dragons command the respect and obedience of lesser creatures. They are often surrounded by loyal cults, tribes of kobolds, or enslaved minions who serve their every whim, adding to their aura of dominance.


  1. Dragon’s Wrath Unleashed:
    • Characters witness the ancient red dragon’s devastating rampage, wreaking havoc upon settlements. To stop the carnage, they must track the dragon through scorched landscapes, face fiery trials, and confront the beast. Players must decide to halt its rampage, negotiate a truce, or exploit its destructive power.
  2. The Infernal Pact:
    • A cult worshipping the ancient red dragon seeks to unleash it as an instrument of destruction. Characters infiltrate the cult’s ranks, decipher cryptic rituals, and prevent the dragon’s summoning. Players must choose to thwart the cult, bargain with the dragon, or seize control of its destructive potential.
  3. Volcanic Prophecy:
    • An oracle foretells of the ancient red dragon’s awakening, heralding a volcanic cataclysm. Characters embark on a quest to prevent the eruption, navigating treacherous lava caves, battling fire elementals, and deciphering ancient prophecies. Players must decide to avert the disaster, harness the volcanic power, or exploit the chaos.
  4. Draconic Guardian’s Dilemma:
    • Characters are summoned by an ancient red dragon who seeks their assistance in guarding a cache of powerful relics from greedy adventurers. They must navigate the dragon’s labyrinthine lair, prove their worth, and protect the relics from intruders. Players must choose to safeguard the artifacts, confront intruders, or seek to claim the relics themselves.

Known for their insatiable greed and their unyielding desire for hoarding treasure, they amass vast hordes of gold, gemstones, magical artifacts, and priceless works of art within their lairs. Their lust for wealth is surpassed only by their lust for power, and they often seek to establish themselves as the undisputed rulers of their domains.


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