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Ancient Fey Dragon


Embark on an extraordinary journey through the realms of ethereal beauty and arcane wonder in Dungeons and Dragons with our Ancient Fey Dragon miniature, a 3D-printed marvel that captures the essence of fey magic and draconic splendor.

[Gargantuan Sized Model – 100mm Base]

Did You Know? Ancient Fey Dragons are known for their ability to phase in and out of the material plane and the feywild at will, allowing them to traverse between both realms with ease. This ability makes them unpredictable and enigmatic creatures.


  1. Feywild Portal Unveiled:
    • Adventure Hook: Characters stumble upon a hidden Feywild portal that awakens the Ancient Fey Dragon’s interest. They embark on a journey to the Feywild, facing captivating but perilous encounters with fey creatures, unraveling ancient secrets.
  2. The Forgotten Pact:
    • Adventure Hook: The party encounters a faction of fey creatures seeking to break an ancient pact with the Ancient Fey Dragon, potentially unleashing chaos. Characters must engage in diplomatic encounters, navigate fey politics, and decide whether to uphold the pact or mediate a new agreement.
  3. Feywild Incursion:
    • Combat-Centric: An unforeseen tear in the fabric of reality allows malevolent creatures from the Feywild to spill into the material plane, wreaking havoc. The Ancient Fey Dragon seeks the party’s aid to repel this incursion. Characters must engage in a series of intense combat encounters against these fey intruders, close the rift, and restore the balance between worlds.
  4. The Whispering Woods:
    • Combat-Centric: The Ancient Fey Dragon requests the party’s assistance in purifying a corrupted forest within its domain. Characters must engage in combat encounters against twisted creatures, decipher mystical riddles, and restore the forest’s balance.

In their role as stewards of the feywild, Ancient Fey Dragons are known for their playful and capricious nature. They often engage in elaborate games, riddles, and pranks, testing the wit and mettle of those who venture into their domains. They are masters of illusion and enchantment, capable of casting spells and weaving intricate fey magic to create bewildering and otherworldly effects.


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