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Ancient Black Dragon


Descend into the shadows with our Ancient Black Dragon miniature, a 3D-printed masterpiece that embodies cunning malevolence and draconic might.

[Gargantuan Sized Model – 100mm base]

Did You Know? Unlike their chromatic brethren, who often seek dominion and rule over kingdoms, the Ancient Black Dragons revel in chaos and entropy. They thrive in the muck and filth of their fetid lairs, surrounded by the spoils of their malevolent deeds and the bones of their victims. They are cunning manipulators and puppeteers, often pulling the strings of lesser creatures to achieve their dark goals.


  1. The Black Dragon’s Dominion:
    • Swamp of Shadows: The Ancient Black Dragon has claimed a vast swamp as its domain, terrorizing nearby settlements. Characters may be hired to confront the dragon, navigate treacherous wetlands, and uncover the secrets hidden within the swamp’s depths. This campaign explores swamp ecosystems, survival, and the menacing presence of the Black Dragon.
  2. Cult of the Shadowed Scale:
    • Draconic Cultists: A secretive cult worships the Ancient Black Dragon, aiming to awaken its full power. Characters must infiltrate the cult, thwart their dark rituals, and prevent the resurgence of the dragon’s might. This campaign delves into cult dynamics, forbidden rituals, and the consequences of fanaticism.
  3. Legacy of Darkness:
    • Inherited Curse: The descendants of the dragon’s ancient foe seek retribution against the dragon’s lineage, believing them to be cursed. Characters are caught in the middle of this vendetta, uncovering a tragic history and navigating moral choices. This campaign focuses on vendettas, generational conflicts, and the legacy of past deeds.
  4. Dragon’s Enigmatic Hoard:
    • Treasure Hunt: Rumors of the Ancient Black Dragon’s hoard attract treasure hunters from far and wide. Characters embark on a perilous quest to locate the dragon’s lair, outsmart its cunning traps, and face the guardian for a chance at unimaginable riches. This campaign involves treasure maps, heists, and the allure of vast wealth.

One of the most chilling aspects of Ancient Black Dragons is their mastery over the foul powers of acid and poison. They can spew torrents of corrosive acid that can dissolve even the sturdiest of structures, and their breath is laced with a deadly venom that can incapacitate or slay their prey with terrifying efficiency. Their tactical brilliance in combat is matched only by their sadistic enjoyment of toying with their foes, savoring the fear and despair they inspire.

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