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Tiefling Devil Servants (3)


Embark on a journey through the shadows of deception in Dungeons and Dragons with our Tiefling Devil Servants miniature set.

Did you know? Tiefling Devil Servants often bear infernal marks or symbols etched into their skin, signifying their allegiance to a specific devilish patron or infernal lord. These marks grant them dark powers and serve as a bond between servant and patron.


  1. Infernal Alliances Unveiled:
    • The party uncovers a network of Tiefling Devil Servants operating in their city, manipulating politics and furthering dark agendas. Characters must investigate their machinations, expose their true allegiances, and decide whether to confront or forge uneasy alliances with these devilish agents within their ongoing adventures.
  2. The Curse of Ancestry:
    • One character in the party discovers they have a tiefling ancestor and becomes the target of recruitment by a group of Tiefling Devil Servants. Characters must grapple with familial ties to infernal powers, resist temptation, and thwart the cult’s attempts to recruit their comrade, altering the course of their ongoing narrative.
  3. Infernal Heist:
    • The Tiefling Devil Servants plan a daring heist to steal a powerful celestial artifact. Characters, driven by their desire to protect the artifact’s sanctity, engage in a thrilling combat-intensive battle against the servants and their diabolic allies, attempting to thwart the theft and maintain the balance of power within their ongoing adventures.
  4. The Devil’s Dilemma:
    • A Tiefling Devil Servant approaches the party with an offer of cooperation against a common, greater evil. Characters must navigate moral complexities, decide whether to trust the servant, and confront a dire threat that could reshape their ongoing narrative, all while dealing with the consequences of making a pact with the infernal.

Tiefling Devil Servants are not mindless minions; they are cunning and resourceful individuals who navigate the intricate web of infernal politics and hierarchies. They serve as intermediaries between their infernal patrons and mortal clients, often acting as enforcers, spies, or agents of darkness.


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