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Tiefling Devil Dealer + Coin


Accompanied by a meticulously crafted infernal coin prop, the Tiefling Devil Dealer stands as the embodiment of cunning allure, symbolizing the treacherous bargains and temptations of the Nine Hells.

Did you know? Tiefling Devil Dealers often bear arcane tattoos or markings on their bodies, signifying their connection to infernal forces and the pacts they broker. These marks serve as both badges of their trade and warnings to those who would dabble in dark dealings.


  1. Infernal Contract Unveiled:
    • A close friend or ally of the party unwittingly enters into an infernal contract with the Tiefling Devil Dealer. Characters discover the diabolical pact, setting them on a perilous journey to break it, confront the dealer, and prevent their loved one’s soul from being claimed by the Nine Hells.
  2. The Accursed Artifact:
    • The Tiefling Devil Dealer offers the party a powerful, cursed artifact in exchange for a seemingly small favor. Characters must navigate moral dilemmas, resist the artifact’s allure, and confront the dealer’s schemes as they strive to free themselves from the artifact’s malevolent influence within their ongoing adventures.
  3. The Devil’s Challenge:
    • The Tiefling Devil Dealer challenges the party to a high-stakes game of wits, where the price of failure is steep. Characters must outsmart the dealer in a series of mind games, riddles, and strategic contests, with their souls hanging in the balance. Victory might grant them a boon, while defeat could lead to infernal servitude.
  4. The Infernal Heist:
    • Characters learn of a heist involving the Tiefling Devil Dealer, who plans to steal a powerful celestial artifact. The party must assemble a crew of experts, infiltrate the dealer’s lair, and engage in a thrilling, combat-intensive battle against both the dealer and their demonic allies to prevent the theft and protect the artifact’s sanctity within their ongoing adventures.

Tiefling Devil Dealers are known for their silver tongues, and they are skilled negotiators who can strike bargains with fiendish beings on behalf of clients or for their own gain. They often operate in the shadowy fringes of society, offering tempting deals to desperate souls seeking power, revenge, or forbidden knowledge.

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