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Mother of Hell


[Medium Sized Miniature]

DM Stash Miniatures

The Mother of Hell is a deity of unparalleled power and malevolence, revered and feared by fiends and mortals alike. Acting as a ruler within the Nine Hells, a realm of eternal torment and suffering, where she commands legions of infernal servants and schemes to expand her influence across the cosmos.

Did You Know?The Mother of Hell is believed to have forged a pact with the primordial forces of darkness, granting her dominion over the damned and the power to corrupt mortal souls.

    1. Infernal Bargain:
      • Rumors spread of a desperate village fallen under the oppressive grip of the Mother of Hell, a fearsome infernal deity demanding tribute in exchange for sparing the settlement from her wrath. The villagers, unwilling to submit, seek the party’s aid to infiltrate the demon’s domain, uncover her weakness, and free them from her tyranny. As the party delves into the depths of darkness, they face fiendish minions, deadly traps, and finally, a climactic showdown with the infernal deity herself, bargaining for the town’s salvation with steel and sorcery.
    2. Cult’s Dark Ambition:
      • A fanatical cult devoted to the Mother of Hell seeks to summon their infernal patron into the mortal realm, intent on unleashing chaos and destruction. The party uncovers the cult’s sinister plot, racing against time to thwart their dark ritual and banish the demoness back to the abyss. To stop the cult’s nefarious scheme, the party delves into forbidden ruins, confronts the cult’s zealots, and disrupts the ritual before the Mother of Hell can manifest her full power, facing off against her infernal might in a battle for the fate of the world.
    3. Infernal Ransom:
      • The heir of a powerful noble has been abducted by agents of the Mother of Hell, who demand a ransom of souls for the captive’s release. The noble beseeches the party to rescue their kin, offering a generous reward and political favor. Venturing into the heart of the abyss, the party confronts demonic minions and treacherous traps as they navigate the demon’s lair. Ultimately, they face the Mother of Hell herself, battling against her infernal prowess to free the innocent soul held captive in her clutches.
    4. Cleansing the Abyssal Taint:
      • The presence of the Mother of Hell threatens to corrupt the very fabric of reality, spreading infernal influence across the land. The party embarks on a holy crusade to purge the demon’s taint and restore balance to the world. Armed with divine blessings and righteous fury, they battle demonic hordes, purging unholy shrines in their quest to vanquish the Mother of Hell and cleanse the tainted lands of her infernal influence, ensuring the salvation of the realm from her dark machinations.

Some believe she was born from the primordial chaos that preceded the creation of the cosmos, while others claim she was once a mortal soul who ascended to godhood through sheer force of will and ambition. Whatever the truth may be, her power is undeniable, and her influence over the infernal realms is unchallenged.

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