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Frozen Undead Mammoth


This ghastly marvel stands as a manifestation of deathly might, its skeletal form encased in an otherworldly frost that freezes the very air around it.

[Huge Sized Model – 75mm base]

Did You Know? The creation of a Frozen Undead Mammoth often involves a sinister alliance of necromancers and frost giants, who seek to harness the mammoth’s immense strength and the power of death to bolster their armies.


  1. Eternal Winter’s Awakening:
    • Characters stumble upon an ancient burial site containing a frozen undead mammoth, awakened by dark magic. Its presence heralds an encroaching eternal winter, threatening nearby settlements. Players must decide whether to stop the mammoth’s rampage, uncover the source of the dark magic, or exploit its chilling power.
  2. Icy Grimoire of the Lich-King:
    • A lich seeks to bind the essence of a frozen undead mammoth into a cursed grimoire. Characters, drawn by tales of the lich’s power, confront icy minions and treacherous blizzards on a quest to thwart the ritual. Players must choose to protect the mammoth’s soul, confront the lich, or harness the grimoire’s dark knowledge.
  3. Mysteries Beneath Glacial Depths:
    • Deep beneath a frozen tundra, characters discover the lair of a frozen undead mammoth guarding an entrance to an ancient, subterranean realm. Exploring this enigmatic world, they unearth secrets and face dangers hidden beneath the ice. Players must decide to delve deeper, protect the mammoth’s sanctuary, or uncover hidden truths.
  4. The Frostheart’s Curse:
    • A town plagued by a relentless blizzard seeks the aid of characters to break the curse afflicting their land—an enraged, frozen undead mammoth’s restless spirit. To dispel the curse, players must face chilling trials, pacify the mammoth’s soul, or embrace the curse’s power for their own ends.
In their role as instruments of necromantic power, Frozen Undead Mammoths are often accompanied by hordes of undead minions, such as zombies, skeletons, or spectral creatures. These abominations are nearly impervious to pain and fear, shrugging off most forms of physical attack with their supernatural resilience. Adventurers must rely on both their wits and their most potent magical abilities to stand a chance against such a monstrous foe.



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