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Arcane Vanguard Golem


An Arcane Vanguard Golem is a formidable and heavily armored construct, representing the pinnacle of magical craftsmanship and protection

[Large Sized Model – 50mm base]

Did You Know? The creation of an Arcane Vanguard Golem often requires the infusion of rare and potent magical materials, such as enchanted adamantine or otherworldly gemstones, to grant them their exceptional durability and arcane prowess.


  1. The Arcane Golem Uprising:
    • Reports emerge of a sudden surge in arcane vanguard golem activity, threatening the peace of the realm. Characters are enlisted to investigate the source of their newfound aggression, uncover the hidden machinations behind their uprising, and quell the golem rebellion. Players must choose to restore order, exploit the golems’ power, or manipulate their actions.
  2. The Lost Citadel of Artifice:
    • Legends speak of an ancient citadel hidden deep within a labyrinthine canyon, rumored to house the secrets of creating arcane vanguard golems. Characters embark on an expedition to find the lost citadel, decipher its intricate mechanisms, and unlock the art of golemcrafting. Players must decide to master the golem-making process, protect it, or seek alternative means of empowerment.
  3. The Golem’s Heartstone Crisis:
    • An arcane vanguard golem’s heartstone, a rare and potent gem that powers it, is stolen by a nefarious faction. Characters must track down the thieves, retrieve the heartstone, and confront the challenges posed by the golem’s relentless pursuit. Players must choose to return the heartstone, harness its magic, or exploit the golem’s vulnerability.
  4. The Golem and the Archmage’s Testament:
    • An archmage leaves behind a cryptic testament alluding to a hidden sanctuary guarded by an arcane vanguard golem. Characters decipher the testament, embark on a quest to find the sanctuary, and face trials that test their mastery of magic and wit. As they uncover the golem’s secrets, players must decide to honor the archmage’s legacy, claim its power, or unravel its purpose in the archmage’s plan.

Arcane Vanguard Golems are created to serve as guardians and enforcers of arcane orders, spellcasters of great power, or ancient repositories of forbidden knowledge. They are often tasked with protecting valuable spellbooks, magical artifacts, or the hidden sanctuaries of their creators. These golems are unyielding in their defense of their charges, and they will stop at nothing to fulfill their assigned duties.

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