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Arcane Phoenix Construct


This mesmerizing creation stands as the embodiment of arcane wonders, its form aglow with the brilliance of magical constructs, and adorned with ethereal feathers that trail behind like a celestial flame.

[Large Sized Model – 50mm Base]

Did You Know? The creation of an Arcane Phoenix Construct involves the fusion of rare materials, such as enchanted metals and gemstones, with the heart of a true phoenix—an incredibly rare and sacred component. This heart, imbued with the essence of rebirth and fire, is what grants the construct its awe-inspiring abilities


  1. The Heart of the Phoenix:
    • Adventure Hook: Rumors of a hidden sanctuary containing the sacred heart of a true phoenix reaches the characters’ ears. They embark on a quest to find this sanctuary, facing challenges to access the rare and sacred component needed for creating an Arcane Phoenix Construct. The party must decide whether to protect its secrets, harness the heart’s power for themselves, or use it to create the awe-inspiring construct.
  2. The Fire’s Purifying Touch:
    • Adventure Hook: A series of cataclysmic events devastates a region, and rumors of an Arcane Phoenix Construct capable of cleansing and purifying the land spread. Characters seek the construct’s aid, embarking on a journey to locate it and decide whether to heal the wounded land, wield the construct’s powers for their own gain, or confront the source of the devastation.
  3. Burning Secrets of the Workshop:
    • Combat-Centric: The party is hired to infiltrate an arcane workshop where these Phoenix Constructs are being created and possibly misused. Characters must engage in stealthy encounters, bypass magical defenses, and face these constructs in combat to uncover the workshop’s secrets and influence the use of this powerful technology within their ongoing adventures.
  4. The Artificer’s Magnum Opus:
    • Combat-Centric: An artificer has constructed an incredible Arcane Phoenix Construct, but it has gone rogue. The party is tasked with engaging in intense combat encounters against the fiery creation, navigating complex schematics, and deciding whether to harness its power, destroy it, or restore it to its creator’s vision.

These constructs can conjure and control flames with precision, unleashing fiery attacks to purge their foes or cleanse and purify allies. Their healing powers are extraordinary, they can mend catastrophic wounds and even bring the fallen back to life, rekindling the spark of life with their arcane fire.

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