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Arcane Golem


This mystical construct emerges as the embodiment of enchanted power, its massive form resonating with the arcane energies that bind it.

[Huge Sized Model – 75mm base]

Did you know? Legend has it that the first Arcane Golem was forged in the ancient city of Eldrathil, a place renowned for its mastery over the arcane arts. The city’s most skilled artificers and spellcasters collaborated to create a guardian that could safeguard their vast repository of magical knowledge.


  1. Guardian of Forgotten Arcane Knowledge:
    • Quest for Lost Spells: The Arcane Golem could be the guardian of a hidden library of ancient spells and magical knowledge. To access this repository of power, characters must decipher the golem’s riddles, confront its arcane defenses, and prove themselves worthy. The quest becomes a journey to unlock forgotten magic and harness its potential.
  2. Sentinel of the Elemental Plane:
    • Elemental Imbalance: The Arcane Golem stands as a sentinel guarding the balance between elemental planes. When rifts threaten to unleash elemental chaos, characters must seek the golem’s aid to restore equilibrium. This campaign involves closing rifts, battling elemental creatures, and navigating the tumultuous planes to appease the golem.
  3. Custodian of Arcane Artifacts:
    • Artifact Heist: The Arcane Golem protects a cache of powerful magical artifacts. A cunning thieves’ guild seeks to steal them, and the party must choose sides. Characters can ally with the golem to thwart the thieves or aid the heist for their own gain. This campaign explores moral dilemmas, alliances, and the consequences of choices.
  4. Ancient Guardian of a Hidden Sanctuary:
    • Mystical Retreat: The Arcane Golem is the guardian of a secluded mystical sanctuary sought by various factions. The party becomes embroiled in a conflict over control of the sanctuary, with the golem serving as the ultimate protector. The campaign involves negotiations, intrigue, and defending the sanctuary from invaders.

Over time, the Arcane Golems have been known to evolve beyond their original purpose. One such golem not only protected Eldrathil from attackers, but also served as a guardian of magical wisdom, taking it upon itself to guide those it deemed worthy through the city’s ancient archives and secret chambers. 

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