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Arch Angel of Justice


This paragon of justice stands as the embodiment of transcendent power.

[Medium Sized Model – 25mm Base]

Did You Know? Angels of Justice are not bound by mortal conceptions of time and space. They can appear wherever and whenever their presence is needed to restore balance and rectify injustice, even transcending the boundaries of the multiverse.


  1. The Celestial Intervention:
    • Divine Decree: The Angel of Justice descends upon the campaign’s world, heralding an era of divine reckoning. Characters find themselves caught in the midst of celestial interference, as they must navigate the consequences of the angel’s judgments, mediate conflicts, and restore balance to a world in turmoil.
  2. Echoes of a Forgotten Oath:
    • Ancient Vow: The party uncovers an ancient oath or contract bound by the Angel of Justice, hidden within a long-forgotten tome. They become embroiled in fulfilling or breaking this celestial pact, unraveling its implications, and facing celestial consequences that ripple through their ongoing adventures.
  3. The Prophecy’s Fulfillment:
    • Prophetic Call: A prophecy foretells the arrival of the Angel of Justice in the campaign’s world. Characters must decipher its meaning, seek out the angel, and play a pivotal role in the prophecy’s unfolding, all while dealing with the impact it has on the campaign’s existing narrative.
  4. The Celestial Ally:
    • Heavenly Aid: The Angel of Justice appears to aid the party in their existing quest, offering guidance and divine support. Characters must trust in the angel’s wisdom, grapple with moral quandaries, and integrate the celestial presence into their ongoing adventures, reshaping their journey and decisions.

Angels of Justice are celestial entities of unparalleled purity and unwavering commitment to upholding the laws of the cosmos. They are often dispatched by higher celestial powers, deities, or cosmic forces to serve as envoys of divine justice in the mortal world. These celestial beings radiate a brilliant, ethereal light that illuminates the darkest corners of existence.


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