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Angel of a Thousand Eyes


The Angel of a Thousand Eyes is a divine and awe-inspiring entity, embodying the boundless knowledge and guidance of the heavens.

[Huge Sized Model – 55mm Base]

Did you know? The Angel of a Thousand Eyes is often depicted as a celestial guardian, its myriad eyes representing the watchful gaze it casts upon the mortal realms. Legends tell of its role as a protector against malevolent forces, a guide for the lost, and a harbinger of divine intervention.


  1. The Celestial Protector’s Call:
    •  A surge of malevolent forces threatens to plunge the mortal realms into darkness. At the same time, rumors of a celestial guardian emerge. Characters embark on a quest to find this elusive being, ultimately deciding whether to seek the angel’s protection, heed its guidance, or confront the malevolent forces.
  2. The Harbinger’s Revelation:
    • Characters have a chance encounter with the Angel of a Thousand Eyes during a pivotal moment in their journey. The angel imparts profound insight into their destinies and the challenges they face. Characters engage in introspective role-playing and decision-making, drawing from the angel’s wisdom. They must decide whether to embrace the guidance, question its motives, or reject its influence.
  3. The Truth-Bearing Gaze:
    • Characters are called upon by a desperate nation facing internal strife and deceit. The Angel of a Thousand Eyes offers to reveal the truth behind the conflicts through its gaze, but it requires their protection during the process. Characters engage in intense combat encounters against those who seek to hide the truth. They must decide whether to safeguard the angel, uncover the hidden deceptions.
  4. The Divine Council’s Guidance:
    • A council of divine beings seeks the Angel of a Thousand Eyes’ insights to guide their celestial decisions. Characters are chosen to accompany the angel to this divine gathering. During the event, they engage in intense combat encounters against otherworldly threats. They must decide whether to support the angel’s revelations, question the divine council’s intentions, or challenge the celestial hierarchy.

Encounters with the Angel of a Thousand Eyes are rare and momentous events. Mortals who come into its presence are often filled with a profound sense of awe and humility, for the angel’s gaze lays bare the deepest truths and intentions of their hearts. It imparts guidance, wisdom, and insight that can shape the course of history and the destinies of individuals and nations.


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