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Cave Troll


In the dim and foreboding depths of Dungeons and Dragons, a Cave Troll is a fearsome and brutish creature, dwelling in the darkest recesses of subterranean realms.

[Large Sized Model – 50mm base]

Did You Know? Cave Trolls are known for their incredibly resilient regenerative abilities, which allow them to heal rapidly even from grievous wounds, making them exceptionally difficult to defeat.


  1. The Labyrinth of Bones:
    • Adventure Hook: Reports of missing miners and cave explorers lead characters to a treacherous underground labyrinth rumored to be the lair of a Cave Troll. As they venture deeper, navigating through eerie tunnels filled with gruesome remains, they engage in combat encounters against cave-dwelling horrors, decipher cryptic cave markings, and decide whether to confront the territorial troll, avoid its wrath, or uncover the dark secrets hidden in the depths, greatly impacting the fate of those who venture underground and their ongoing adventures.
  2. The Cursed Expedition:
    • Adventure Hook: A misguided expedition has disturbed the territory of a Cave Troll, unleashing its brutal savagery. Characters are called upon to rescue the survivors and confront the enraged troll in intense combat encounters within the twisted maze of its lair. They must decide whether to save the expedition members, negotiate a truce with the troll, or quell its fury to prevent further underground calamity, significantly influencing the survival of those who tread the subterranean paths and their ongoing narrative.
  3. The Lost Artefacts of the Abyss:
    • Combat-Centric: The Cave Troll has amassed a gruesome collection of artifacts stolen from its victims over the years. Characters engage in intense combat encounters against the troll and its minions, navigating treacherous tunnels filled with relics of past victims. They must decide whether to recover the stolen artifacts, leave them to their dark fate, or wield their power against the troll, greatly influencing the fate of the stolen possessions and their ongoing adventures.
  4. The Underworld Stalker:
    • Combat-Centric: The Cave Troll becomes a relentless stalker, causing fear and chaos in the underground settlements. Characters embark on a mission to track and confront the troll in a series of intense combat encounters throughout the labyrinthine tunnels. They decide whether to eliminate the threat, negotiate a truce, or challenge the troll’s dominance, significantly shaping the safety of the subterranean realm and their ongoing narrative.

Cave Trolls are solitary and territorial, defending their lairs with brutal savagery. These creatures are often found in the deepest and darkest corners of the underground, where they carve out lairs filled with the gruesome remains of their victims.They stalk their prey through the labyrinthine tunnels of their subterranean homes, using their immense strength and keen senses to track and capture anything that moves. They are opportunistic predators, scavenging on whatever unfortunate creatures become lost in the dark.

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