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Underdark Crustacean


[Large Sized Miniature – 50mm Base]

In the lightless and alien realms of Dungeons & Dragons, the Underdark Crustacean miniature depicts a bizarre and formidable creature, embodying the resilient and predatory aspects of subterranean life.

Did You Know? Underdark Crustaceans possess bioluminescent markings on their shells, which they use to communicate with others of their kind in the lightless depths.


    1. Cursed Aquatic Relic:
      • A powerful and ancient aquatic relic, believed to hold the key to controlling water-based magic, has surfaced in the Underdark. The party is hired by a group of scholars to retrieve the relic, but they must contend with the territorial Underdark Crustacean guarding it. As they navigate the treacherous subterranean waters, they’ll need to outsmart or subdue the crustacean to claim the relic’s potential magic for themselves or their employers.
    2. Subterranean Shipwreck:
      • Rumors circulate of a shipwreck deep within the Underdark’s flooded caverns, carrying valuable cargo and ancient artifacts. The party embarks on an expedition to salvage the lost treasures, only to discover that the wreck has become the nesting ground of a formidable Underdark Crustacean. To recover the cargo, they must battle the creature while dealing with the challenges of underwater combat and the looming threat of the dark abyss.
    3. Cavern Ecosystem Imbalance:
      • A local Underdark settlement faces an ecological crisis as the proliferation of Underdark Crustaceans disrupts the delicate balance of the subterranean ecosystem. The party is recruited to investigate the cause of this sudden influx of crustaceans and restore equilibrium. Uncovering the source of the disturbance, they must decide whether to eliminate the crustacean population or find a more sustainable solution that maintains the underground ecosystem.
    4. Caverns of the Crustacean King:
      • Whispers of an enigmatic Crustacean King ruling over a labyrinthine network of underwater caves in the Underdark reach the surface. Adventurers seeking fame and fortune venture into the depths to confront this legendary creature. Along the way, they encounter challenges posed by the king’s loyal subjects and navigate the intricate underwater passages leading to the heart of the Crustacean King’s domain.

A carnivorous crustacean that can kill a man in a single supersonic shot from its “cannon claw.” The shot has been seen to completely eviscerate smaller animals and can still dismember the limbs of a full grown man. They are known as dangerous hunters and the hard chitin exoskeleton makes them hard to take down even if grouped up against.

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