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Lizard King of the Sea


[Huge Sized Miniature – 75mm Base]

The Lizard King of the Sea is a colossal and awe-inspiring denizen of the ocean, a leviathan among creatures that prowls the deeps in search of an unending bounty of prey. In Dungeons & Dragons, it is known for its immense size, its voracious appetite, and its role as both a ruler of the sea and a force of nature.

Did You Know? Sailors and coastal communities both revere and fear them, attributing the calm or tumultuous seas to their presence.

    1. Fishermen’s Plight:
      • A coastal town’s fishermen are facing ruin as the seas have grown increasingly perilous due to the presence of the Lizard King of the Sea. To save the livelihood of the local populace, the party is tasked with uncovering the cause of the creature’s aggressive behavior. As they dive into the depths, they’ll not only face the Lizard King but also unravel the mysterious circumstances that have driven it to the surface.
    2. Summoner’s Scheme:
      • Rumors of a sinister summoner who seeks to control the Lizard King’s immense power circulate in maritime communities. The party is hired to investigate the summoner’s activities and thwart their plans. To do so, they must navigate treacherous underwater caverns, confront the Lizard King’s formidable guardians, and ultimately face the summoner in a battle of wits and strength.
    3. Kraken’s Cryptic Clues:
      • Deep-sea divers uncover an ancient, sunken shipwreck that holds clues to the Lizard King’s origins and behavior. The party is enlisted to explore the wreck’s depths, decipher the cryptic inscriptions, and follow the trail that might lead to understanding and perhaps even controlling the Lizard King. Along their journey, they encounter eerie underwater phenomena and the ever-looming presence of the enigmatic creature.
    4. Deep-Sea Expedition:
      • A renowned marine researcher hires the party to join an ambitious deep-sea expedition aimed at studying the Lizard King and its interaction with other colossal sea creatures, including rumored krakens. As they descend into the abyss, the adventurers face the challenges of navigating in crushing depths and observing marine life on an unprecedented scale. Their discoveries may unlock secrets of the Lizard King and reshape scientific knowledge about sea creatures in the campaign world.

They are apex predators, preying upon anything that crosses their path—schools of fish, swarms of squid, and even the legendary krakens that dare to challenge them. In the summers, when the seas teem with life, they embark on epic feeding frenzies, consuming scores upon scores of creatures to sustain their immense bulk.

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