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Kraken of the Depths


[Huge Sized Miniature – 75mm Base]

The Kraken of the Depths miniature is a nightmarish and colossal denizen of the ocean’s abyss, a monstrous titan known for its immense size, insatiable appetite, and its role as a harbinger of tempests and nautical doom. In Dungeons & Dragons, it is revered as a symbol of primordial power, a force of nature, and a terror of the deep.

Did You Know?The Kraken of the Depths is believed to be a living embodiment of the ocean’s fury, with the power to command storms and bend the sea to its will.

    1. The Sunken City:
      • Reports of a massive, ancient Kraken lurking beneath the ocean’s depths have surfaced. As the party investigates, they discover the existence of a sunken city, said to be the Kraken’s lair. Within its submerged ruins lie untold treasures, lost knowledge, and the potential for great power. The party must assemble a team of divers, fend off underwater threats, and navigate treacherous underwater mazes to reach the Kraken’s lair. The Kraken itself poses a colossal challenge, guarding its domain fiercely.
    2. Terror of the Tides:
      • Coastal settlements and ships have fallen prey to a relentless and elusive Kraken that strikes with cunning and brutality. The party is enlisted to protect coastal communities, investigate the Kraken’s lair, and discover its motivations. As they delve deeper into the mystery, they uncover a web of intrigue involving rival factions, sunken treasures, and the Kraken’s quest for vengeance. The party must engage in high-stakes battles on both land and sea and decipher cryptic clues to end the reign of terror.
    3. The Kraken’s Bargain:
      • A desperate coastal town beseeches the party for aid, as the Kraken demands a regular tribute of valuable resources in exchange for sparing the town from its wrath. The party must decide whether to negotiate with the Kraken, uncover its true intentions, or mount an expedition to challenge the creature head-on. Along the way, they may forge alliances with undersea races, explore hidden underwater caves, and ultimately confront the Kraken in a battle for the town’s survival.
    4. The Abyssal Gateway:
      • Rumors circulate about an ancient portal hidden within the depths of the ocean, rumored to lead to an abyssal realm inhabited by the Kraken and other eldritch beings. The party embarks on a perilous voyage to find and activate this portal, plunging into a realm of darkness and cosmic horrors. To survive and return, they must navigate eerie underwater landscapes, decipher ancient runes, and confront the Kraken as both a guardian and a potential gateway guardian.

It prowls the depths of the ocean, seeking out vessels and creatures unfortunate enough to cross its path. Sailors and seafarers fear its wrath, for its tentacles can ensnare ships and its hunger knows no bounds.

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