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Hippogriff Rider


An Elven Hippogriff Rider is a harmonious and awe-inspiring sight, symbolizing the bond between the elegant elves and the majestic hippogriffs of the skies.

[Large Sized Model – 50mm base]

Did You Know? The partnership between an Elven Hippogriff Rider and their steed is often forged during a mystical bonding ritual that deepens the empathic connection between the two, allowing them to communicate through emotions and intent.


  1. The Elven Hippogriff Cavalry:
    • The party finds themselves in a realm where elven hippogriff riders form an elite aerial cavalry, defending their lands from threats. Characters are recruited to join this noble order or collaborate with them to thwart a looming menace. Players must choose whether to embrace the hippogriff rider tradition, form alliances, or challenge the elven leadership.
  2. The Lost Taming Ritual:
    • Legends tell of a hidden, ancient ritual that can tame and bond a wild hippogriff to a rider. Characters embark on a quest to uncover this ritual’s location, facing challenges that test their dedication to the hippogriff tradition. As they delve into the magical ceremony, players must decide to preserve the tradition, exploit its secrets, or share it with others.
  3. The Rivalry in the Skies:
    • A fierce rivalry has erupted between elven hippogriff riders and another faction that seeks to control the skies. Characters become entangled in this conflict, navigating diplomatic negotiations, aerial duels, and espionage. Players must choose whether to mediate, support one side, or seize the opportunity for personal gain.
  4. The Great Migration:
    • Elven hippogriff riders are embarking on a grand migration to a new, untouched territory, and they invite the party to accompany them. Along the journey, the group encounters untamed magical creatures, territorial beings, and hidden wonders. As they explore this uncharted land, players must decide whether to assist the riders in establishing their domain, challenge their dominance, or forge a unique path of their own.

Elven Hippogriff Riders share a profound bond with their hippogriff companions, forming lifelong partnerships that transcend the boundaries of species. These riders are known for their ability to communicate with their steeds through a deep empathic connection, allowing them to convey emotions, intentions, and even thoughts to one another. This unspoken link allows them to act as one during their daring flights and woodland patrols.

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