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Godless Panther


Introduce the enigmatic Godless Isles Panther, a 3D-printed embodiment of stealth and ferocity, enhanced with chameleon scales and a lethal manticore-like barbed tail.

[Large Sized Model – 50mm base]

Did You Know? The Godless Isles Panther, often referred to simply as the “Isles Panther,” is a rare and elusive predator that inhabits the remote and mysterious Godless Isles. These islands, shrouded in mist and untouched by the influence of gods and divine beings, are known for their eerie landscapes, ancient ruins, and primeval wilderness. It is within this untamed realm that the Isles Panther has thrived for countless generations.


  1. Predator of the Godless Isles:
    • Island of Shadows: The Godless Isles Panther lurks as the apex predator on a remote island. Characters stranded there must survive the panther’s relentless pursuit, decipher its hunting patterns, and discover a way to escape or tame the beast. This campaign explores survival on a hostile island, adaptive predator behaviors, and the mysteries of the Godless Isles.
  2. Chameleon Scales of Deception:
    • Invisible Assassin: A notorious assassin employs Godless Isles Panthers as covert killers. Characters must investigate a series of high-profile murders, uncover the assassin’s methods, and confront the deadly panthers in a game of cat and mouse. This campaign delves into intrigue, tracking elusive prey, and facing formidable assassins.
  3. Manticore’s Fury Unleashed:
    • Manticore’s Legacy: An experiment gone awry has infused the Godless Isles Panther with the traits of a manticore. Characters must investigate the origins of this hybrid creature, face its destructive tendencies, and prevent further aberrations from being unleashed. This campaign involves scientific mysteries, hybrid creatures, and ethical dilemmas.
  4. Champion of the Chameleon Cult:
    • Cult of Deception: A secretive cult on the Godless Isles reveres the panther as a divine avatar of deception. Characters may choose to infiltrate the cult, uncover its sinister agenda, and ultimately decide whether to confront or embrace the panther’s deceptive powers. This campaign focuses on cults, divine avatars, and moral choices in the face of deception.

In the legends of the Godless Isles, the Isles Panther is both feared and respected as a guardian of the untamed wilderness. The indigenous tribes of the isles regard it as a symbol of the islands’ wild and untamed nature, and they often seek to appease or communicate with the creature through rituals and offerings.

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