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Giant Spider Assassin


In Dungeons & Dragons, these assassins are consummate hunters and masters of stealth. They lurk in the shadows, using their mesmerizing luminescent lure to draw unsuspecting victims toward them. Once their quarry is within reach, they strike swiftly with venomous bites that can immobilize and incapacitate, ensuring a swift demise

Did You Know? Giant Spider Assassins are often employed by secretive organizations, powerful spellcasters, or nefarious individuals with a sinister agenda. 

[Large Sized Monster – 50mm Base]

    1. The Exiled Spider’s Lure:
      • In the heart of a dense, ancient forest, a series of unexplained disappearances have struck fear into the local community. Investigating these incidents, the party stumbles upon the lair of a mysterious Giant Spider Assassin with a luminescent ball at the end of its tail, which it uses to lure prey. The spider is not just a cold-blooded killer; it’s also a fugitive from its own spider society. The party discovers the assassin’s tragic past, its reasons for exile, and the dire threat it poses to the surface world. They must decide whether to aid the spider in its quest for redemption or stop it before more lives are lost.
    2. Web of Intrigue:
      • A shadowy organization has hired the infamous Giant Spider Assassin to eliminate key figures in a city known for its political turmoil. The party becomes embroiled in the web of intrigue when they’re hired to protect a targeted individual. As they uncover the assassin’s methods and motives, they must track it down before it strikes again, leading to a deadly game of cat and mouse.
    3. The Arachnid Cult:
      • A cult devoted to a malevolent spider deity has gained power in a remote forest. Their ultimate goal is to summon a monstrous entity from the Abyss. The party learns of their nefarious plan and encounters the Giant Spider Assassin as one of the cult’s enforcers. They must infiltrate the cult, gather information, and ultimately confront the assassin to prevent the catastrophe the cult seeks to unleash.
    4. Silk-Thread Heist:
      • A renowned art collector seeks to acquire a priceless artifact rumored to be hidden within a well-guarded mansion. Little do they know, the mansion’s security includes the deadly Giant Spider Assassin. The party is hired to steal the artifact, setting the stage for an intricate heist where they must outwit and outmaneuver the assassin, who guards their target fiercely.

The mesmerizing glow of their luminescent lure can lead even the most cautious adventurers astray. Those who cross their path must be vigilant against both the lure’s enchanting beauty and the spider’s deadly bite.

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