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Giant Sabertooth Tiger


Embark on a journey into the heart of the wild in Dungeons and Dragons with our Giant Sabertooth Tiger miniature, a colossal and ferocious feline predator that commands the untamed wilderness.

[Huge Sized Model – 75mm Base]

Did You Know? The bite of a Giant Sabertooth Tiger is so powerful that it can crush bones and armor, making it one of the most formidable natural weapons in the animal kingdom.


  1. The Beast of the Lost Jungle:
    • Rumors circulate about a colossal and elusive Giant Sabertooth Tiger prowling a forgotten jungle. Characters embark on a quest to locate and confront this ancient predator, facing dangerous encounters with wildlife, uncovering lost ruins, and reshaping the ecosystem.
  2. The Sabertooth’s Lair:
    • Characters stumble upon the lair of a Giant Sabertooth Tiger, filled with the remnants of its past prey. They must navigate a series of challenging combat encounters, evade cunning traps, and uncover hidden secrets within the lair, all while deciding whether to eliminate the threat or forge an unusual alliance.
  3. The Sabertooth Hunt:
    • A local village seeks the party’s aid in dealing with a relentless Giant Sabertooth Tiger terrorizing their community. Characters must engage in intense combat encounters, track the beast through the wilderness, and confront it in a climactic battle.
  4. Feral Sabertooth Prodigy:
    • Characters encounter a rare and unusually intelligent Giant Sabertooth Tiger cub, separated from its mother. They must protect it from threats, engage in combat encounters against would-be captors, and decide whether to nurture its potential or return it to the wild.

Giant Sabertooth Tigers are solitary creatures, fiercely territorial and protective of their hunting grounds. They are known to roam vast territories in search of prey, from small game to formidable creatures such as mammoths and even dire wolves. Their exceptional senses, acute night vision, and unmatched speed make them relentless and efficient predators.


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