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Flying Serpent


Soar through the skies with our Flying Serpent miniature! This 3D-printed representation of aerial grace and serpentine elegance radiates an aura of mesmerizing beauty.

Large Sized Model – 50mm base

Did You Know? Flying Serpents are serpent-like creatures with the remarkable ability to take to the air, defying gravity with their slender, winged bodies. They are known for their striking, iridescent scales that shimmer like precious gemstones when touched by sunlight.


  1. Aerial Enigma:
    • Skybound Mystery: The Flying Serpent is a legendary being believed to hold the key to a hidden aerial realm. Characters embark on an airborne quest to seek the serpent’s guidance, decipher ancient sky maps, and uncover the secrets of a hidden floating city. This campaign explores aerial exploration, sky realms, and the allure of ancient mysteries.
  2. Celestial Messenger:
    • Heavenly Prophecy: The Flying Serpent is regarded as a celestial messenger, delivering prophecies and omens to those below. Characters must interpret the serpent’s cryptic messages, navigate celestial events, and fulfill a cosmic destiny. This campaign delves into celestial lore, prophecy interpretation, and the balance of fate.
  3. Sky Pirates’ Lair:
    • Airborne Raiders: A group of sky pirates has harnessed the power of the Flying Serpent to raid floating islands and plunder treasures. Characters become embroiled in the conflict, seeking to liberate the serpent, outwit the pirates, and navigate the intricacies of sky piracy. This campaign focuses on aerial battles, piracy, and the pursuit of airborne freedom.
  4. Aerial Sanctuary:
    • Refuge in the Clouds: The Flying Serpent guards a hidden sanctuary suspended among the clouds. Characters may seek refuge within the sanctuary, uncover its mystical properties, and confront the challenges of adapting to life in the sky. This campaign explores cloud cities, aerial survival, and the pursuit of sanctuary above the world.

These serpents are often found dwelling in remote and sacred locations, such as hidden mountain peaks, ancient forests, or mystical valleys.


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