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Elite Armored Pegasus


This magnificent steed stands as the embodiment of celestial power, adorned in gleaming armor that reflects the nobility of its lineage.

[Large Sized Model – 50mm Base]

Did You Know? The feathers of a Pegasus are prized as rare and potent magical components, often used by skilled enchanters and spellcasters to craft powerful items or potions with properties related to flight and celestial magic.


  1. The Celestial Messenger:
    • Adventure Hook: The party is visited by a Pegasus bearing a message from the heavens. They are tasked with a divine quest that requires the Pegasus’s aid. Characters must engage in aerial encounters, navigate celestial realms, and fulfill their divine mission, influencing their standing with celestial powers and their ongoing adventures.
  2. Wings of Redemption:
    • Adventure Hook: Characters encounter a wounded and fallen Pegasus, in dire need of their help. They must engage in combat encounters against threats, nurse the Pegasus back to health, and decide whether to release it to its celestial domain or forge a celestial bond, shaping their connection to celestial forces and their ongoing narrative.
  3. Aerial Chase and Pursuit:
    • Combat-Centric: The party is pursued by malevolent forces on a perilous aerial chase. They must engage in intense combat encounters while riding their Pegasi, navigate treacherous terrain, and decide how to thwart their pursuers.
  4. The Celestial Race:
    • Combat-Centric: Characters are invited to participate in a celestial race, riding Pegasi against otherworldly competitors. They must engage in thrilling aerial races, overcome obstacles, and strive for victory, which can lead to recognition, celestial gifts, and new opportunities in their ongoing narrative.

In their role as celestial messengers, Pegasi are often called upon to serve gods and goddesses, carrying divine missives or transporting celestial beings to various planes of existence. They are also revered as symbols of divine favor and guidance, appearing in moments of great significance to guide mortals on virtuous quests or to deliver prophecies.

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