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Eldritch Dinosaur


Eldritch Dinosaur is a horrifying and monstrous entity, representing the union of prehistoric might and eldritch corruption.

Did You Know? The Edlritch Dinosaur – also knows as a Tarrasque is a legendary and iconic monster in D&D lore, often depicted as a colossal and nightmarish creature resembling a mutated dinosaur or a massive reptilian aberration. It is renowned for its insatiable hunger, its near-indestructible nature, and its role as a cataclysmic force of destruction in the world.

[Huge Sized Model – 75mm Base]


  1. The Lost Research Expedition:
    • An archaeological expedition searching for prehistoric relics in a remote jungle mysteriously vanishes. The party is hired to locate the missing researchers and discovers that they unearthed a cursed artifact that transformed a Tyrannosaurus Rex into an Eldritch Dinosaur. The party must navigate dense jungle terrain, decipher cryptic hieroglyphs, and confront the eldritch monstrosity to break the curse.
  2. The Ancient Prophecy:
    • An ancient prophecy foretells the awakening of an Eldritch Dinosaur, heralding an era of devastation. The party is chosen by a seer to prevent the prophecy’s fulfillment. They embark on a quest to collect rare relics and ancient scrolls that hold the key to restraining the eldritch creature’s power. As they journey through treacherous wilderness, they must decipher cryptic riddles and engage in epic battles to thwart the prophecy.
  3. Cult of the Eldritch Beast:
    • A sinister cult worships the Eldritch Dinosaur, seeking to harness its power for their dark rituals. The party is tasked with infiltrating the cult and preventing them from completing a ritual that would unleash the eldritch creature’s fury. They must uncover the cult’s hidden lair, decode cryptic chants, and confront the cult’s twisted leaders in a climactic showdown.
  4. The Dimensional Breach:
    • A rift between dimensions has allowed the Eldritch Dinosaur to cross into the material plane. Reality warps and prehistoric horrors emerge. The party is chosen by a mysterious entity to seal the rift and banish the eldritch creature. They must navigate through a surreal landscape, decipher cryptic inscriptions, and confront nightmarish creatures from beyond in an otherworldly battle to save their world from annihilation.

Defeating or restraining the Tarrasque is a monumental task, often requiring the combined efforts of powerful heroes and the use of legendary artifacts.


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