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Ancient Mana Wyrm


An Ancient Mana Wyrm is a spellbinding and enigmatic creature, embodying the raw essence of arcane magic and the passage of time.

[Gargantuan Sized Model – 100mm base]

Did You Know? Ancient Mana Wyrms are said to possess the ability to glimpse into the future and the past through the tapestry of arcane threads, making them keepers of lost knowledge and forgotten lore.


  1. Arcane Prophecy Unveiled:
    • Characters discover rumors of an Ancient Mana Wyrm with the power to reveal lost knowledge through the arcane tapestry. They seek the wyrm in an ancient library, where it assigns them a quest to retrieve a forgotten spell from a hidden realm within the arcane weave.
  2. Leyline Guardians’ Duty:
    • Characters protect powerful leylines guarded by an Ancient Mana Wyrm. They face combat encounters against arcane cultists aiming to disrupt the leyline balance. Players must choose to preserve harmony, thwart the cultists, or harness the leylines.
  3. Path to Arcane Mastery:
    • Seeking magical guidance, characters undergo trials set by an Ancient Mana Wyrm. Trials include combat challenges against enchanted guardians and moral dilemmas about magic use. Players must decide to embrace the trials, question the wyrm’s teachings, or explore alternate paths to mastery.
  4. Cosmic Threat Revealed:
    • An Ancient Mana Wyrm warns characters of a cosmic danger tied to the arcane weave disruption. They engage in intense combat against extraplanar entities and reality-bending foes. Players must heed the wyrm’s warning, confront the cosmic threat, or manipulate the arcane threads.

Ancient Mana Wyrms are intimately attuned to the arcane weave that permeates the multiverse. They are often found in places where magic is potent and where the boundaries between realities are thin, such as ancient arcane libraries, leyline intersections, or the hidden chambers of forgotten wizards. These wyrms are collectors of arcane knowledge, storing it within their very being and weaving it into their resplendent scales.

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